Apologetic Kejriwaal

Like every evening I looked forward to have evening tea with my 30 IQ younger brother, Ugly-The-Fugly. His company is best stress buster and enlightening too. As I walked in he showed me apology letter from Arvind Kejriwaal, the chief minister of Delhi addressed to Ugly-The-Fugly himself. He hopped he danced and he whistled in joy, Kejriwaal has apologised to me he screamed. I looked at my wife perplexed and half smiling, she winked, signalling its rubbish as always.

As it turned out he had got a link on whatsApp, fill your name and you get a personalised apology letter from Kejriwaal. As I settled on sofa the news reader announced Kejriwaal had apologised to two more political rivals of his. He has brought himself to such a shame, I muttered as Ugly-The-Fugly settled next to me with his cup of tea. I knew today we will be talking on Kejriwaal and wasting no time Ugly-The-Fugly shot his first question at me.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Aren’t you happy a chief minister has apologised to me?

Me- I feel so proud Ugly.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Is it not fair for a person to go wrong.

Me – It is. Everyone goes wrong.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Then why so much noise about Kejriwaals apology. He went wrong, he realised and he apologised.

Me – He hasn’t realised he was wrong.


Ugly-The-Fugly – Then what are the apologies about? They say he is going to apologise to another man, at whom he hurled few abuses in the court room as well.

Me- He actually does not mean it. He is apologising as he realises he will go to jail if the court decides the cases. He is trying to reach an out of court settlement.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Then he must have embarrassed himself and his party in a big way. How would he face his family.

Me – That’s his problem Ugly.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Why did he say such things which had no substance. A man of sane mind would never do that.

Me – He wanted to project himself as a saintly politician.

Ugly-The-Fugly – But then his conduct should have been saintly.

Me – Hmmm.

Ugly-The-Fugly – This apology would shatter his image of saintly politician, if all it were there.

Me- It will.

Ugly-The-Fugly – I suppose he was trying to be saintly politician at cost of others.

Me – True.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Are such people not more dangerous for people and politics both, more than a typical politician.

Me – They are, one can’t be good because others are bad.

Ugly-The-Fugly snatched TV remote from me to tune in to a music channel. It played his favourite song chikni chameli……… he broke into dance once again holding the apology letter in hand.







Relationships Without Expectations

Fortunately, no covenant is entered while human relations take shape. Pure chance, act of destiny, a casual smile or a reluctant handshake or other acts like these lay foundation of long lasting human relationships.

Unfortunately, a few relationships are forged based on covenants entered, covenants of material consideration, such relationships are anything but for sure are far from happy and comfortable. We enter employer employee relationships, they have consideration, and they are stressful. Marriages for considerations of dowry end up in marital discords.

Unfortunately yet again, relations become sour over a period of time, thanx to our expectations. We expect people to act in ways convenient to us, while they are driven by free will and will act as they should, after all that was basis of relationship.

Expectations never move around alone, they come with an unforgiving companion, frustration. Frustrations come with self-inflicted misery for which none other than ourselves is responsible, because expectation begins with a capital ‘I’ and so does frustration, it too begins with our self-centred ego. The moment we start expecting we start downplaying, and then insulting other persons individuality.

A mother and kid relation, a relation between two siblings, a relation between two friends remains happy and strong till the time either of them expects nothing from other. The moment phrases like ‘I expected you…’, or ‘I thought you would’ or ‘you should have’ enter our relationships they become sour.

Why would a person bound by free will do as you expected him to do, no sane reason exists. If you though someone will act in a given way, it was your thought not his.

Don’t demand from a relationship, let it be free, if it has something for you it will come to you and if it has nothing let it go, without regrets. Holding on too fast to a relationship is like searching water in desert, the mirage keeps eluding you and you never return happy.

In a relationship, give I must and expect I must not.

What about having it as a new year resolution.


Theism Leads To Atheism

Belief in God has been a practice since times immemorial. Religion plays a vital role in defining the practices and systems which guide people through the system of complex beliefs that define God. Civilisations spread over large geographic areas had common systems of beliefs, and civilisations separated by geographic barriers developed different set of beliefs. Term Religion had no place in social systems.

Yet, ancient Greek systems of worship and Gods had a striking similarity with the practice and beliefs of Aryans which is now called ‘Hinduism’. The Gods, the weapons a particular God carried, the powers and duties ascribed to the Gods were very similar. With civilisations growing in size and geographies and thinkers trying to find explanations to unanswerable doctrines in existing religious practices started defining beliefs in their own way to create more systems of beliefs or religions. Centres of influences, to further strengthen their influence also created new religions. The ones who still disagreed with the existing systems of beliefs became Atheists.

Present day narrative of religion is entwined around human desire to overcome nature and its laws and is governed by eternal darkness which engulfs us all. To begin with, religion became a refuge from the sufferings, we had and have someone to fall back upon or to blame for those sufferings. Religion gets engraved in our minds, from tender years, in such a manner that we are prejudiced against any thinking which questions religious practice, and thus pushing us into irrevocable slavery. The ones who found it difficult to cope with above two became atheists.

Atheism on the other hand liberates one from all bondages that current narrative of religion imposes. Theism and Atheism get demarcated by the narration of religion we follow. A liberal religious practice, confirming to the laws of nature and the liberty to question the narrative of religion, where philosophy does not become the abode for the weak, but it encourages enlightenment, erases all differences between atheism and theism.

I am a devout Hindu Brahmin, I support a Janeu (Yagopavit), a sacred thread which is worn around left shoulder and symbolises affirmation to sacraments and that I shall always remain within the framework of socially acceptable behaviour. Being a devout Hindu Brahmin I have a strong belief that Hinduism itself teaches us Atheism. Essentially, our disagreement with current religious practice and our complete confirmation to correct narrative of religious practice, both lead us to Atheism.

Most revered deities in Hinduism – Brahma, Narayan, Shiv and Shakti are more metaphorical than being real beings. Brahma or Braham is super consciousness, it cannot be a physically existing object. Naryan is Nar and Ayan. While Hinduism has a very complex definition of Nar, a simple definition defines it as soul. Ayan in Sanskrit means abode. Narayan is abode to the soul. Shiv itself is has no form and thus no existence, Shiv in Sanskrit means the one gifting wellbeing to all. Shakti is wand of energy. The energy which can only be realised by Yog or union, union with super consciousness.

Metaphoric presentation in Hinduism does not halt with deities. The weapons they hold too are metaphors. Trident, the most prominent weapon in hands of Shiv and Shakti is a complex metaphor. Trident is represented by a long shaft and three sharp spears at the end of shaft. The spears represent Kaam/Karm (actions), Arth (Knowledge) and Dharm (the righteous way of living). The shaft represents Moksh (liberation or realisation of Super consciousness). Kaam, Arth and Dharm lead to Moksh.

Bhagwat Gita, nowhere talks about rituals. It talks about leading virtuous life with subdued senses, the senses which are source of Lust, Anger, Greed, fear and attachment to physical being. Theism practiced in true form does not need the concept of God and that perhaps is atheism. Atheism on the other hand leads you to realising super consciousness within, and that’s what actually theism teaches.


The Cult Business

Saints selling salvation – across religions, across casts, across countries across continents. In India, two things see no slow down, Religious tourism and cult business. We have super rich saints, clad in robes of different hues (saffron does not give you competitive advantage). It’s been a steady stream of these Saints being found on the wrong side of law, yet the followers refuse to accept what they see.

Cults are built around four corner stones and one protective shield. Fear from God and God men, Exclusive ability of God man to unite you to God, Larger than life image of God Man and of course our desperation to be free from sufferings in this life and union with God beyond. Vote bank politics gives it a protective shield and none can question them.

Till the time we keep searching God outside our souls we will keep building Cults of all classes, be it Ram Rahim, Asharam, Rampal Yadav, Shri Shri, Sadguru et al. why I name them in one breath? Because a cult is a cult, it can never be good. One cult may have entirely different character than another, but this character gets differentiated only by degree and array of vices which thrive in the cult and his asharams. Religious insecurity and fear stems from practice of finding God outside our soul.

Fear that gets ensconced in minds of disciples in guise of devotion to master or The Guru is common vice that prevails all across. Assumption that the blessings of the God man can set us free from sufferings is root of fear from the God man. He may or may not say so, yet his economics is directly proportional to the amount of fear you have.

How can a Guru lead millions of devotees to salvation? He can’t even guide them to proper way of meditation. Why at all a Guru should tell me to follow a particular way to unite with God. Why can’t he just let me follow my own path where he can be a guide, a mentor and a student himself? But that does not make economic sense, masses won’t follow that Guru, because masses just need a quick fix. Masses want shortcuts to alleviate sufferings and union with God, only if possible.

Larger than life image of Guru creates around him a sect of followers, disciples and devotees inflicted with anoesis. You visit any of the ashrams and you see mammoth pictures of The Gurus. You visit any of his disciples house and you find Guru’s pictures at all prominent places and temples. Why should a Guru create such image? The moment Guru tells you that he too has to undergo sufferings as you do, the image of his sainthood is demolished in your mind. The cult comes to an end.

Until and unless a Guru tells you that he is no panacea to sufferings you have, he is not true Guru. Until and unless the Guru tells you that he too isn’t sure if he will achieve salvation, he has vested interest in sainthood. Until and unless a Guru tells you that he can bless you but he needs blessings as much as you need them, he is cheating you. Until and unless Guru tells you that your struggle for salvation is only yours and no one can be your companion in this struggle The Guru is leading you to perpetual darkness. If Guru does it, the cult gets entombed and business stops.




The Dalit

A few days from now world’s largest democracy, India, will choose its 14th president. The politicians will choose country’s first citizen and the supreme commander of armed forces based on prime qualification of being a Dalit. Both the presidential candidates have illustrious career, are authorities in constitution and have held most prestigious constitutional post purely due to their competence. Still, to be president of country being Dalit weighs more than everything else. Selection based on the birth of person. Unfortunate, despicable and regressive.

That’s the power of being a Dalit, OBC, minority or someone from so called not-so-well-to-do-community. No doubts we will always remain divided by these classes or caste.

Much before Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin defined laws of hereditary transmission of genes and law of Natural Selection respectively, Manu laid down the caste system based on same principles.

Manu divided human race into four categories or castes. Intellectually most evolved, learned people would be known as Brahmins, the ones who had ability to seek the Brahm. They were bestowed upon with responsibility of enlightening lives of others and being guide for mankind. The second caste was The Kshatriyas, ones with great physical and mental strength, they were warriors. The Vaisyas made the third caste, they did all kinds of businesses and farming. The last and the ‘lowest’ caste – The Shudras- the ones who served all others.

A kid at birth was considered a Shudra, irrespective of the caste his parents belonged to. The kid based on its genetic makeup and thus the mental and physical abilities would choose a profession for himself, thus belonging to a particular caste. A Brahmans progeny had all chances of being a Kahatriya, Vashiya or a Shudra. Same was true for all other castes.

Manu mandated inter caste marriages, in-fact it was considered socially more acceptable to marry outside caste. It ensured all kind of genes intermingled and over all a healthy gene pool existed, eliminating the inferior genes.

Over a period of time the inter caste marriages started becoming rare. Perhaps the human instincts guided people of similar and compatible gene pool to marry each another. With passage of time the paramparas (social customs) became more and more stiff. Brahmans married Brahmans, Kshatriyas married Kshatriyas and so on. Laying foundation for genetic segregation.

Not that the so called ‘Upper castes’ had an impeccable gene pool and ‘lower casts’ had entirely weak gene pool. The upper caste progeny is born with poor intellect, physical and mental attributes and reverse in case of lower casts, they produce progeny with intellect, great physical and mental attributes. The upper castes commanded social system thus oppression of lower castes in hands of upper castes started.

For educated commoner the caste should not have much impact. Yet, workplaces and educational institutions see a deep caste divide.

Reservation leaves deep scars in minds of young upper castes, with system of reservation we are not developing capability in the lower or oppressed castes. We are only positioning them at 25 meter mark in a 100 meter sprint. This is pumping into system inefficient resources.

With passage of time the caste divide is becoming more pronounced in social discourse. Being a lower caste and being on receiving end of something makes you a hero overnight. The lower castes are not really the oppressed ones, nor do they lack in abilities, yet from being a President to a clerk to a doctor to a chief minister being Dalit has a glory attached. Irony is the so called upper castes too want to be lower castes. Just because their kids will stand 25 meters ahead, which is a substantial advantage.

I myself did not go to study MBBS just because I was a Brahman. One with at least 20% less marks than me made to the same course of MBBS, just because he was a lower caste. The day I made it to university in MBA course my eyes were searching for those incapable students who were in my class not because of merit but because they belonged to lower caste.

The modern discourse of caste system has much more influence of social engineering which has happened over years. As the society progressed the caste system should have seen blurring boundaries. Yet, political ambitions don’t let it happen. Reservation system is another big player.

Hi Sexy!!

Sexy, sexy, sexy mujhe log bolen (people call me sexy) was the number which became a super hit while I was in my teens. Within days of its release the producer and director were asked to change the lyrics to baby, baby, baby mujhe log bolen. Yet this song laid foundation of bringing word sexy to living rooms in India, where sex and sexuality are the last things you discuss in open, and that goes till the time I am penning it down.

It was in my 20’s that I looked for the exact meaning of this word in a hard cover English dictionary and it read




Sexually attractive or exciting.

Synonyms read

Sexually attractive, seductive, desirable, alluring, inviting, sensual, sultry, slinky, provocative, tempting, tantalizing.

Surely, for the way my bringing up happened, I never found this word suitable enough to be used in daily life. In past five years I have seen a gradual increase in use of this word, especially on the social media, mostly used when someone of fairer sex looks beautiful. We have strong unwritten rules to use this word. It’s strictly woman to woman. Let a male friend use this word for a woman and he will be blocked at the least. If he were a colleague a case of sexual harassment would surely come his way. If he were family friends, the ties, gone for ever.

So what’s so sexy about the word sexy, or what’s not so sexy about the word sexy. I had never bothered about it, while I always found the use of this word a bit weird when used to describe someone looking beautiful as sexy. Beautiful isn’t sexy, and sexy, most of the times won’t be beautiful.

Why would someone try and look sexy, inviting lustful eyes. One would like to look beautiful, graceful, intelligent, authoritative, etc. but not sexy.

The other day, my 8 yrs old daughter on returning from school asked me why was sexy a bad word. She explained she had caught this word from a song on television and along with few friends she had sung it front of the teacher. Teacher telling them it was a bad word.

It was for the first time when I was forced into think on this word seriously. Only few seconds at hand and I had to answer. While I was thinking another question followed, what does sexy mean?

Well darling you are too young to understand the meaning, but yes, it’s not too good a word and you can always avoid using this. I somehow wriggled out. But yes, my thoughts on sexiness of the word sexy had undergone a paradigm shift, just in few seconds.

My classmate recently sent a message describing word sexy on a whatsApp group. Her message created an uncomfortable silence in the group. She had explained sexy was powerful, beautiful, intelligent, illuminated, graceful, dignified, wise and so on.

Why use such a negative word to describe such positive traits?


Yes you read it right, forgive and you commit a grave sin. But before we proceed further just pen down why would you forgive anyone? And under what circumstances?

Forgiveness has been considered as the biggest virtue, we assume forgiveness brings us close to God. But forgiving someone does absolute opposite of it. Whatever reason you wrote before reading it further, you assume the other person was wrong, had committed mistake or had hurt you. We become judgmental while forgiving someone, without considering the circumstances under which he acted the way he acted and without knowing what his intent was. We become judge, jury and the prosecution and handover a trophy of greatness to our own selves for that great judgement.

Before you forgave, you, for sure might have felt anger and pain, which you might have felt- emanated from actions of others. What you felt, happened because you see the world that ways. Thus, feelings of anger and pain cannot be ascribed to someone else. They are yours and you are responsible for them.

Biggest error in process of forgiveness is that we hold other person guilty, for doing that, we are not qualified, neither has God empowered us to do so. What the ‘erring’ person did to you was his Karma. The cosmic law of Karma will take its own course and reward or punish him. You are not entitled to forgive or seek retribution. Your role is to forget and move ahead, because cosmic law of Karma delivered to you what you deserved.

“I cannot forgive you because I have no grudge against you”- Lord Buddha.

Holy texts talk about forgiveness at length. But only when such texts are read and understood without considering their context. Whenever forgiveness is talked about, its talked about in the absence of duality of existence i.e. Oneness with God. Forgiveness is talked about in absence of existence of good and bad, day and night, fair and unfair and so on. Once concept of duality is put to rest purpose of forgiveness becomes infructuous.

For good to exist bad must exist, for darkness to be felt we must experience light, for us to be joyful we must experience grief. A counter force is necessary to experience all of them. But to experience divinity and for divinity to exist no counter force is needed and that is absence of duality, that is Oneness with God. A Hindi hymn sums it up very well “हर देश में तू, हर भेष में तू, तेरे नाम अनेक तू एकही है” (You manifest in every shape & form, but it’s only You that exists)

Shiva is one of the most revered deity in Hinduism, where Sanskrit word Shiva translates to – ‘The one who always does good to all’. A hymn addressed to Him says (replace Shiva with ‘one who does good to all’) There is nothing apart from Shiva; there is nothing other than Shiva; whatever there is, is Shiva; There is nothing that is not Shiva; there is no time that is not Shiva; there is no place that is not Shiva.

The core of discourse of forgiveness is pivoted on concept of Oneness and absence of Duality. When we understand that everything that exists, exists to do good to all, forgiveness loses its significance. Anything that does good to all cannot be source of anger, pain or grudge.


The cosmic law of Karma ensures no injustice is inflicted upon anyone. By punishing someone for his sins or by forgiving him for the same we try to interfere with the law of Karma. Though we have no authority to do so and we are incapable of doing so. The only choice we have is choice of forgetting and moving ahead. We don’t forget and don’t move ahead just because our wisdom is eclipsed by cosmic delusion, we are thus a bewildered lot.

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