A Story of Ladies Handbags

Like most women, my wife has at least a score of handbags. In all colours, shapes and sizes, which one can imagine as well as one cannot. All handbags have at least 15 pockets at various places, inside the bag and outside as well. Each pocket in the bag is designated to hold a certain kind of documents or things. Whatever goes into the bag has a notorious tendency to steal out into other pockets and not staying in the designated pocket. This uncivilised behaviour of things placed in the bag causes a lot of inconvenience to my wife. Like her husband, she says, she has no control on the things in her bag. Me and things in her bag, both have made her life miserable, is what she feels.

At times, things in her bag, like me, embarrass her a lot and also cause inconvenience to her and others around. In a queue of cinema tickets, when movie starts in five minutes and queue behind her grows longer and impatient, the stupid currency note designated to entertain us slip into 15th pocket. She takes her sweet time (nearly 7 minutes) to locate the designated currency notes. Blame, once again is on me and her hand bag. Mahatma Gandhi’s image on the currency notes did not make them civilised, as education could not civilise me, laments my sweet wife, but it does not hurt me because I am equally relived as the queue behind my wife is.

Last week my wife purchased a new handbag, or shall I say, a sack, which can be carried on head. Seeing that hand bag, my nephew was very happy, as he thought it was a sack for sack race in his school. My nephew got scolded for his reaction and my poor soul was again cursed for teaching uncivilised behaviour to kids.

She has a small purse as well (six inches by 2 inches by quarter of an inch). This purse should hold only credit card, some cash and few very important papers (a dozen lipsticks, a mirror, nail colours, eye shadows, etc, etc. Don’t fit in it) To locate a thing in this purse she takes only three minutes, a great achievement. Locating a very important paper takes little more time as the VERY Important papers are nearly thirty in number.

Hand bags keep telecallers at bay. It takes at least two calls to locate a ringing mobile in her organised bag, telecallers don’t make that much effort.


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  1. payel
    Jul 18, 2016 @ 02:17:19

    😃😃😃 hilarious !

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