Devil and Decite

RTI was instituted as a tool to weed out corruption, to an extent, it has been successful in unearthing scams done by our unscrupulous leaders. A surprise scam has been surfaced by my elder brother by filing RTI application in context to Ravan. Incidentally replies to all his RTI applications came from different ministries on Dushera.

My brother has claimed delayed RTI replies from govt were poly to erase vital proofs,” Ravan died yesterday and without his testimony suing any minister will be difficult”, says my RTI activist brother. He has been very reserved in bringing Ravangate to public domain. He has posted only a part of it on his Facebook page. I bring out detailed investigation on Ravangate and reactions from different sects.

Postmortem report has brought to light that 9 heads of Ravan were found to be duplicate. Originals might have been removed by antique smugglers nearly at 5000 BC. Report also brings to light the fact that Ravan died due to starvation. No sign of any bodily injury has been found on Ravan and inspection of site claimed to be site for killing ravan has revealed no ammunition was ever fired there. Claims of ministry of defence need detailed scrutiny by SIT. It was in news since the beginning of Navratri that ministry of defence is spending 100cr per day on ammunition in an effort to kill Ravan. Arvind Kejrivaal fears all ammunition allotted to kill Ravan has bee diverted to hire contract killers for killing him.

Reply to RTI application on building bridge across Indian Ocean says, govt has spent Rs 50K crore for procuring floating stones. Menka Gandhi has accused govt of disturbing fragile ecosystem in Indian ocean. Reply on RTI application has brought to public domain that ministry of environment has ignored many procedures to allow building this bridge. Contractors for building bridge, Null and Neel pvt ltd., In a sting operation done by India TV, have said they paid heavy kick backs to one doctor in govt of India, indirectly pointing figure at Dr. Manmohan Singh. Null and Neel spokes person also claimed only 50% of govt supplied stones floated rest sank causing heavy loss to builder.

Shrupnakha also has rattled hornets nest by filing affidavit in Sri lankan Highcourt, claiming her nose was never chopped. It has raised questions on the quality of weapons supplied to Ram and Laxman. Ram in exclusive interview to a Pvt TV channel has claimed that swords given to them could not chop spinach, leave alone nose or ears. Bows and arrows were only good enough to pluck mangoes nothing else.

Activists have demanded DNA test for Ravan as they doubt if original Ravan has been killed or not. It has raised serious questions on govt policy on protecting Indian borders.


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