Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Off late in campaign lead by my wife we have started cooking in olive oil. Slogan of campaign is ‘being modern’. The other day, out of curiosity I just picked up an olive oil bottle and it threw a surprise at me. The oil was not only Virgin, it was extra Virgin. In age when loosing virginity in teens is a trend oils are becoming virgin. Not only the virginity of oil surprised me I was shocked to see its price. A quick calculation leads me to conclude any veggie cooked in this virgin fluid will cost me Rs. 50 per meal per head. Salad with a dash of it will cost me Rs. 100 per dime. My wife tells me food cooked in olive oil is healthy, I believe, if she continues to cook in this virgin fluid I will get Insomnia, hypertension and some other syndrome related to financial stress.
Olive oil has proved yet again that I am getting outdated very fast indeed, and where ever I have kept pace with modernity I miss doing what I used to do when I was not so modern.
The other day a 22yr old girl was guided into my cabin for Interview. She had deep blue eyes, and I, I drifted into this deep sea. It was love at first sight. I had never seen an Indian with Deep blue eyes, common colours being black and brown. Her eyes caught my attention so much so that she ended up conducting interview, not me. Needless to say she was selected. I could not wait her joining us. The day she joined us this one sided love affair came to halt, her eyes were not blue any more. I called up my schoolmate, who, now is eye surgeon, she clarified no chemical can change eye colour its coloured contact lenses which give the desired colour to eye. Now, I know every thing about contacts and colours.
I have braced technology and have kept pace with latest fads and trends. I use net banking now. I don’t need to visit bank for any transaction. I miss standing in ‘Q’ and staring at beautiful dame across the counter. The unnecessary conversations with her which I wanted to linger on with and she would bring them to heartless end are missed too.
I miss my visit to neighbourhood book store. I used to read at least 10 pages of latest bestseller before making up mind to buy one. I shop online now; Cash-On –Delivery and 30% discounts are even more lucrative.
I, still have to understand why people get few tresses coloured. A sight of it, to me, is odd; carrying it must be even more awkward. I do not understand people enjoying threesome in bed. Handling a person of same sex in bed must be headache. Pierced tongue and eyebrows send a chill through my spine. Showing cleavage through low waist jeans is what I will never understand. Boys getting pedicure and manicure is embarrassing for me. Girls pulling their ‘just there’ tees while conversing take out sense from conversation.


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