I The Mango People

When Robert Vadra updated his status as Mango people in Banana Republic and media highlighted it I too got a fit of rage as Arnab Goswami got it on times now. I was very sure it was derogatory for all Indians or at least people who don’t follow Nehru-Gandhi clan. I was amid a discussion about ‘mango people’ with my wife when my three year old daughter asked what ‘mango people’ meant. Discussion came to an abrupt halt as i searched for what exactly Mango people meant. My wife also fumbled while wiping off onion induced tears. I postponed telling its meaning saying it is a dirty word.
Dictionary search of Mango people led me nowhere. Google devta came to my rescue and told me it is English translation of Hindi world ‘Aam Aadmi’.
One turmoil lead to another, how do i tell my daughter she should proudly announce to every one she is mango people? Still, I tried to evaluate ‘Mango People’, I realised, without any doubt I am mango people. I suggest who so ever reads this should take pride in being called Mango People. Why this kolaveri around this term. Just because national damad used it? Or because he has affiliation to ruling regime?
Go to a govt. Office and ask a babu to resolve your problem, his contemptuous stare at you will remind you that you belong to cattle class. Before he gives u a contemptuous stare he won’t acknowledge you for at least 15 mins. You hold back all your rage and avoid calling him choicest names which you learned over last decade, just because you want your work done. You remind your self of the fact that salary which this babu draws comes from taxes you pay. Still, can you do anything to him or his attitude? Answer is No, and you say you are no mango people.
In this country different yardsticks are used to measure corruption. Embezzlement of 70 lac is no case to worry if its been done by a minister. But you and me can’t do it for Rs. 70. It’s more than enough to remind you dear friends you are mango people.
Our family members can get raped if we don’t marry them away by age of 16. Remember any rape beyond this age is consensual and is not a govt responsibility. None of us had guts to take streets to protest this and we say don’t call us mango people. we should be called mango, banana, apple, grapes and all other kind of people, i am sorry if you don’t like any of the fruits.
A vehicle with red beacon can jump red light but same misadventure will buy you few humiliating abuses and a challan. If you are lucky, after lot of begging, police wala might have mercy on you and let you go after you bribe him. Oops!! I am the mango people and so are you.
I don’t want to let my daughter grow up assuming mango people is a bad phrase. I want her to accept, that too with pride that she is mango people. To do so i have written a jingle so as my daughter likes it and accepts it. I have contacted AR Rehman to compose it for my sake and for the sake of fellow country men. It will soon hit music store near you. It will help you, your family take pride in being mango people.
Jingle goes like this.

I am the mango mangoooo mango people; (2)
Call me banana mango or date but i am mango people;
Mango is me and i am mango people;
I am the mango mangoooo mango people; (2)
Here is a contest for this suggest good music track fort this and have tea with Robert Vadara.


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  1. Pradeep Sharma
    Apr 29, 2014 @ 03:23:17

    Good article.


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