Amir Ajmal Kasab was finally hanged before the 4th anniversary of 26/11. Politicians brayed and media screamed for entire day celebrating hanging of Kasab. What was this celebration all about? Did it do anything good to you and me? Did it serve as disincentive to the perpetrators of terrorism? Nay it did not.

After Kasab was captured many terrorist attacks have shaken us. German bakery, if you haven’t forgotten it, H’onable High Court of Delhi and numerous attacks by Naxalites. Are we safe, really, after Kasabs hanging.

Imagine a bright sunny day which started with a soft hug from your kid. You took shower with aromatic body shampoo planning a surprise outing for your wife; you leave for office with a warm hug and kisses from family members. After a long day you call up your wife back home from a supermarket to check if she wants something else in addition to what you have already purchased. She hears gun fire, you fall silent, perhaps for always, she hears screams and nothing else on phone, and conundrum comes to halt within minutes. Truth dawns upon your wife in matter of time and she faints. Did Kasab’s hanging give grantee against it? No it did not. Do you not fear it every other time you step out into crowded place? I do. Even simpler, does an unanswered call for 15 min on your wife’s cell not send a chill in your spine? It does.

What purpose has Kasab’s hanging served? Nothing. He was here to die. We gave him 4 extra years to live. A commando’s bullet might have found him and that’s it.

I read an article by Shobha De, claiming Kasab was a looser, he was nothing, yes he was, but his being looser or nothing makes no difference to me and you, does it? What has changed for poor boy that lost his father in gunfire? Nothing.

26/11 indeed was a big defeat for this great country and was watched by entire world, live. We could have won it, had our fighter jets taken skies and destroyed terror camps even before gun battle at Taj had stopped. Take off of Jets should have accompanied with diplomatic pressure from across the world disallowing pak to retaliate. It did not happen, our leaderships spinelessness was out in open again. It allowed many orphans and widows produced in best bakery and other places.
Just ponder……


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