My daughter just finished one year with you. It has been a year which overwhelmed, both, us the parents and my daughter too. She learnt ABC and one two, frankly, it was not that important, she learnt much more. She is more confident, she is more self assured, she is more creative and extrovert too. Thank you so much for that. My heartfelt gratitude for the value you as school added to my daughter.

Her teachers’ had an infectious connect with kids. I have seen tears in eyes of my daughter for both the teachers and moist eyes of teachers for my daughter too. It was wonderful let them shape my daughter.

I know, while my daughter spends more years with you she will get transformed into a capable, confident, loving and hard working citizen too. I know you will be able to germinate seeds of diversity of thought in her, I know you will make her creative in action and thought, I know before she graduates from your school she will have no prejudice for people and new ideas, I know she will learn to empathise to others.

Once you do it, the kid will have unmovable faith in herself. Even when failure stares at her, she will not be dismayed. When opportune time comes, she will use her capability than power to make her way, but, only once you do the above.

It’s not hidden; the order is tall and the task daunting. The challenge is big and responsibility even bigger. Still you must do it, for my kid looks at you with wonder waiting eyes, we as parents look at you with faith and trust, and, once you accomplish it, the grateful nation shall look at you with pride.

As teachers you sit in a position which leaves little scope for error, for expectation are humongous. It leaves a little scope for error, for kids will ape you and their value system will be defined by your actions. It leaves a little scope for error, because, ‘to err is human’, God can’t.

While taking challenge to create future for all of us, you need to be armed with a virtue named love and compliment. Also, if must, at times, ability to scold.

Scold my daughter if you must. Scold her to discipline her, scold my daughter to add value to her, scold my daughter to shape her thoughts into more creative thoughts. Scold her for what ever you deem fit. But, never scold her in a way which demeans her, infuriates her or compares her to others. Comparisons, I was taught, are odious. We are a nation of Gandhian thought; let not your scold have even a tinge of aggression in thought or action.

Also compliment her. Praise and compliments be showered upon her for every baby step she takes towards her goal. Compliment her for her sprit when she falls and stands up again. Compliment her whenever she embraces tranquility of dreams. Compliment her whenever you can.

We as parents will make all possible contribution to her, at the same time you make yours.

I am sure like me; she will owe to her teachers a lot, in whatever she becomes.


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