My bedtime stories always came from great epics of our culture, Mahabharat, Ramayan and The Bhagwat. My mother ensured I always slept listening to these stories. My father also contributed to this and the stories of great sacrifices of the 10 Gurus were told to me by him. The stories, by far, had one thing in common, the good were pitted against the bad. The good was always supported by saints and God himself. The stories invariably had first part filled with bad doings by the evil and second part leading to war and defeat of the evil. My mother always told me,”satya saarthak Sarwatha”(truth always prevails)was teaching we got from great war of Mahabharat.

My heart always filled with joy and pride when ever I saw Trimurti as it read ‘Satyamev jayate’ giving the same message of victory of truth and good over evil. Ours is a great country, I would think, it draws learning from great epics. In my formative years I was told its land of Mahatma, his teachings tell us to avoid seven deadly sins, wealth without work; science without humanity; pleasure without conscience; knowledge without character; religion without sacrifice; politics without principles; commerce without morality. I got to know the stories of Bhagat Singh, Raajguru and Sukhdev. I was given fair insight into works of Rabindrnath Tagore. I saw no reason why my country won’t be truthful and its leaders won’t be saints. I always thought, my politicians will be honest and truthful. They will sacrifice what ever is needed to benefit the nation.

Every thing has fallen apart, I think of emergency by Indira, Bofors of Rajiv, The demolition of Babri, Govt. Of Devegauda and chandershekhar. The fall of value system of the country has begun. It began with hanging of Mangal Pandey. It began with Hanging of bhagat Singh, Raajguru and Sukhdev. It began with death of Bose and with Nathuram Godse shooting The Mahatma. Head is no longer held high, mind no longer without fear, as imagined by Tagore. The value system is falling like a dry leaf, its given, it will fall, how long it takes remains to be seen.

Supreme sacrifices made by unsung heroes whom we pay tribute to at Amar Jawaan hold no value to our politicians. Pain and agony we undergo to earn money and pay taxes either have no value. ‘’Caesar’s wife should be beyond suspicion’’, says the PM. The question is what about other family members of Caesar, namely, Kalmadi, Raja et al. I tend to think at times, is Satya really saarthak? Or Does Satyamev jayate hold good at all? I doubt what my parents did teach me was correct.

……………. into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake.


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