The rape of 23 yr old in Delhi has shaken us all from deep slumber, slumber of insensitivity, contempt and indifference. Even before we got this shocker we hand many alike, but this was master shocker. It made every kid, every woman, every man and even criminals and politicians think what have we all, put together, done to this society.

The nation talks about kind of punishment for rapists. A young girl in my neighborhood suggested castration, Neelu aunty suggested capital punishment, some one in crowd said stone them to death. Yes, punishment for such barbaric and heinous crime should be stringent and should be delivered fast.

While we discuss and suggest punishment for rapist one important thing we need to realize is rapes are not about lust, they are not only about criminal mindset and they are not aberrations in society. A rape is not like any other crime. Be it murder, robbery drugs etc. etc. It’s for sure, just tip of ice berg.

The brutality which this young girl met with is an impossible thing by any stretch of imagination, for me at least. The insanity needed to commit such crime does not develop overnight it takes a considerably long length of time to even imagine such thing.

What comes to any ones mind, once we see such crime? We remember what happened out side a disc in Guwahati? We remember the insensitive remarks of Haryana congress spokes person that the rapes are consensual. We remember boys getting killed as they resist eve teasers outside a disco in Mumbai. Did we as a society not sleep over a time bomb which we ticked of by being deaf and dumb to warnings? Answer is we did. The criminals referred to above got away and gave an invitation to other criminals that they too can get away.

Ask the victim of Guwahati and a rape victim, both feel alike. Alone, dejected and helpless and perhaps much more.
It’s a duty as author of this article to justify why I equated criminals to politicians. Its my duty as well to tell you who is responsible for it. If politicians can conclude rapes are mostly consensual and can pursue political career with comfort, they are sick and we are responsible. If belief of Chowmin leads to rapes can be allowed to pursue political career, they are insane and we are responsible. If Kolkata’s parkstreet rape can be concluded as deal gone sour and politician, herself being a lady, gets away, its disgusting and we are responsible. If we allow political parties to allow people with rape charges contest election, its shameful and we are responsible. Behavior of our politicians is a perfect recipe for a dystopian society.

What leads us to allow such people continue with political career is contempt. Contempt for all forms of womanhood from Goddess Durga to a mother, sister, wife, daughter and a coworker.

We as a society, over a period of time, have treated woman with disrespect. We don’t want her to be born at the first place. If at all, she is born we find ways to kill her. If she is not killed we curse her through out her and our lives. She does not get as much as her brother gets. To marry her of we need to pay bribe in form of Dowry, don’t give dowry and see her getting burnt alive. Wife is treated not more that a domestic help. If unfortunately, she is widowed we our society has norms which treat her as if she was responsible for all what happened to her husband.

Political system and our society, both put to gather have created an environment where woman gets no respect. Its not hidden. We all either do it or we see it daily. We turn a blind eye to it. We walk past eve teasers and we meekly see woman being molested in a local bus or train.

Stringent punishment for a rapist is desirable but is not a panacea for crime against woman. But does it stop it from happening? No it does not. Law does not allow bail in case of dowry death or demand, still every day hundreds of women get burnt alive and others tortured.

We need to instill respect for women in society before anything else. We have to clean social, legal and political system in such manner that woman gets due respect rest will be taken care of automatically.


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  1. sharatpathak
    Jun 27, 2014 @ 10:57:35

    Thanx mamata

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mamta Dagar
    Jun 09, 2014 @ 13:07:13

    I am in total agreement with the views you presented in this post.
    Politicians HAVE to be equated with criminals for the derogatory statements they put forward just for their political benefits.
    Good post. 🙂


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