Dear Sachin Tendulkar,

Though, I am not a political commentator, still, after pondering for a while on Rajya Sabha I understood its a forum for visionaries and leaders who are no politicians. People like you and Rekha accepting it does not make any sense, because, I feel, your contributions, vision and empathy towards society, economy and nation is limited (Only if i were to spare saying you don’t have any knowledge about it).

You both are God gifted Individuals, no doubt. You have excelled in the fields of your work. But did it contribute towards the prosperity of nation, upliftment of the downtrodden and much more? No it did not. It seems to me you and Rekha have been selfish, given the status you enjoy in society, you could have helped many causes which require immediate attention. It never has been your priority, or may be you lacked vision for it.

Playing cricket and hitting 100 tons requires different skills. Different skills are required to act in films like Kamasutra. Still different skills are required to run a nation, to make a policy for it. Rajya Sabha requires people who have made contributions through social work, or are industrialists and have a vision for economic and social development. It requires leaders in true sense.

You are not a leader, we all know. You could not lead team in field where you excel. You wilt under pressure, which of course, was evident in your struggle to hit 100th ton. TOI headline next morning was a testimony to my belief. It read Altlast Tendulkar…

I read your statement saying Its an honour, Its not. Its a duty, it makes you answerable to nation. Padam bhushan or RS seat are no measures of to honour you, I believe you are beyond it. Your respect would have gone up had you told the political class not to nominate you. Our political system is rotten already, don’t spread rot by making RS seat a status symbol.

You rightly said I am cricketer and can only play. Pl play and we will applaud you when you hit a century in one day match making it your 50th in this form of cricket.



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