Shauryaa; Why Were You Born!!

Six years after my marriage and four years after we planned to have a family, my daughter, Shauryaa, was born. I sat outside the operation theatre with my family waiting for the news to come out. I heard loud cries of newborn outside the OT itself. I happily opened the box of sweets and started distributing it to all, whom so ever came across. Every one asked me was it a girl or a boy, I was unaware, and the sex did not matter, no, it did matter, me and my wife had prayed for a daughter all the nine months.
After nearly 40 minutes the doctor came out, my mother and pitaji spoke to him as I watched them from a distance. My wife was fine and would move out of the OT in another 10 minutes, we were blessed with a girl child. Shauryaa had finally arrived. A wave of congratulations and telephones informing every near and dear one was kick-started. Hospital staff, a woman in her forties asked me, again, what was it, a boy or a girl. “Girl,” I said with pride. “Koi Nai”( never mind) said she, i was too happy to react to it. This koi nai had contempt for motherhood and my daughter, both. People are like that only, I thought, and started floating into tranquillity of newly acquired fatherhood.
This koi nai was only first contemptuous reaction and it was only one of many such reactions I come across.
I meet many people in my routine, most of whom have nothing to do with my life, like, I will meet a doctor or nurse for vaccination or a passerby at whom my daughter has smiled or maybe he or she found my daughter sweet. All of them ask about the sex of kid. Telling them she is a girl is a pain for me. The reactions are long regretful sigh or aajkal ladkian bhi ladkon ki tarah hote hain( girls are like boys only) or Chalo, hun Mundaa hougaa(let it be, now you will have a boy).
I feel like blasting them off. Dont have a sigh of regret, after all its me who has to bring her up not you. I wish, I could tell them, my daughter is not like boys, she is a girl and she is like girls. She need not be like a boy. Why is society so much concerned about me having a son. Why do people plan family for me? When one has nothing to do with me, why mourn birth of a girl at my place?
In contrast, I met a man at local hospital, his daughter, five years of age, needed blood (B-ve a rare blood group))for heart surgery, and i was the donor. This gentle man had tears in his eyes when i donated a unit of blood and he took pride in having a daughter as his progeny. He told me he has sold whatever he had, for treatment of his daughter.
I understand, for most of parents it doesnot matter whats born to them. Its the society, by large, that has not moved out of this sick mind set of having boys.


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