Anna’s Satyagrah moved masses and proved Gandhian teachings will hold good in all times to come the way existence of sun and moon holds good. Anna’s satya grah somehow, could not stand the test of Gandhian philosophy. Was the protest violent, yes it was, it was far from peaceful.

Gandhian thought has no space for rising tempers, leave alone its expression. Anna’s team was doing it all through the 13 day fast. Expression for disagreement for an idea has to be free from hatred for that idea and people propagating it. Humility and respect form back bone of satyagrah. Anna’s team vehemently fell prey to the bait offered by congress party and left behind principles of Gandhian philosophy.

Threats have no place in conduct of peace, none of real Gandhian would seek apologies from people supposedly opposing you. Anna himself used both.

Fault lines which congress could expose by the way of heightened angers, widened further. Arvind Kejrival was forced to pay money back to govt. Kiran Bedi has been decorated with FIR. To run such movements you need people of impeccable integrity. Anna’s team does not have that. Opposition to congress in any elections doesnot stand the test. Congress will die its natural death once loksabha elections are announces, it will die like an ageing person.

“Ek hi maara” expression on Sharad Pawar incident is an icing on this cake. Anna will lose ground due to such acts.


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