I wish people like Mulayam, Tapas Pal and Manohar Parikar were not born from a woman’s womb. Being a man I would have had one basic differentiator which could have made me not of same class. Also, they don’t deserve warmth and pleasure of mothers womb. There are many alike, around us and within us as well, we know them all and yet accept them.
While I write on what Mulayams and Tapas Pals etc etc are all about, I need to list out two strange objectives which I would like to achieve in this article. One, Mulayam et al are not isolated incidents, they are products of a larger social phenomenon called me, you and us. Two, we all are no better than them, we commit marital rapes daily.
I wonder how can an outrageous statement as ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘rape for revenge’ be made and the person who makes such statement gets away? Its simple me and you and us are indifferent, we let them get away. Even more, we subscribe to such statements and approve of them as well.
Tapas Pal, like Mulayam and Manohar Parikar made shameful statements on rapes and women, on public platforms and got applauded too. Mulayam made statement at a public rally and people voted him and his family to parliament. Tapas Pal was making statement amongst cheering supporters and Panikar was addressing industrialists. None objected, none abandoned and none shot back saying stop this bullshit. Like me you and us, they cheered, applauded and laughed at it in chorus. What is more appalling is the fact that intellectuals from political circles defend the indefensible on national television, who watches all this? Me, you and us.
Nothing wrong in watching a debate on television, being indifferent is, and not reacting is a crime. What happened after Nirbhaya rape? We hit streets, had candle light vigils and protested on social media. Results are palpable, new law came into force, fast track courts have been set up and above all, large part of society changed the way it treats women at home, at work place and at public places. One such revolution is required to ensure politicians learn to behave themselves.
For this revolution to happen we need to treat women back home with respect and dignity. Condition of women back home is not too good either and the way we treat them is no less than a marital rape. Woman, like superman manages job, kids, husband and household, and men sit back and enjoy life. When was the last time that you picked up broom and mop to help your wife on off day of your maid? When was the last time you helped your wife in kitchen after she returned from a tiring day at office? It will be difficult to recollect. Icing on the cake is that we boast of it as well, or at least we take pride in the fact that we don’t help in household chores, male ego is satisfied. Many such ghar ki chugliyan can be listed, but I feel I could drive the point home with this only.
Let’s change me you and us first, rest all will be taken care of.


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