Convert, Don’t Coerce

It’s Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, or may I take the liberty to say another birthday. What a man so frail and so small could do without power that all economic and military might in world could not do and will never be able to establish. The mightiest word and concept ‘Satyagrah’ he gifted to the world, so effortlessly. Request to follow the truth.

His basic premise, evil can be converted to good not destroyed, has power to change world order, only if we are courageous enough to follow it. Today world order and society works for concentration of power. Power is destructive; it instills fear, the mother of all evils.

Today we see all the powers in this world come to gather in search of peace. The UN was created, it became worlds biggest POWER to create peaceful world order. It, within its self has POWER hierarchy, the Security Council. If it was not enough, further groups of POWER emerged in name of G8 and other G’s. All these powers are taking the path of coercion to bring out much-needed change.

Coercion, which has largely become our way of life, whether its effort to change world order or bring about changes in family, at work or in society hasn’t worked and won’t work as well.

911 happened many years ago and it’s been equal number of years that US has been pounding Afghanistan and Pakistan, it has achieved nothing. They have successfully added to misery and poverty of people who see them as aliens and the Terrorists as ‘Hum Majhabi’ (belonging to same religion thus well wishers). After so many years of violence US is starting to learn it’s better to cut of money supplies to the terror groups than pound them with weapons, a better option, not best yet.

Power when juxtaposed with capability, which are two closely related synonyms of Coercion and conversion brings out strange contrasts. Power is convenient and thus gives signs of immediate confirmation, while Capability to convert needs courage and leads to long-term transformation. Someone rightly said “When society fails to leap forward to profound conversion, it slips backwards to severe coercion”. We don’t trust our capabilities fully and second we take a convenient path.

A research on bringing up of kids shows, harsh and capricious parents produce nonconforming and mendacious progeny. Ask a simple question to yourself, what does growth in hierarchy or high office signify? POWER is the unequivocal answer.

Power gives immediate ego satisfaction, while deployment of capability needs humility, usually seen as weakness. Power is weakness which leads people to coercive tactics; it’s used by people who are unable to bring out change either by persuasion or example.

Let’s resolve on this holy day of Mahatma’s birth, not to fall in trap of weakness of power. Let’s resolve to pick up weapon of humility to build capacity. Let’s resolve to live in light of hope and not in darkness of power.

If I have to choose truth and pain against comfort of power and hopelessness I will choose former. Satya Saarthak Sarwatha ( truth shall always prevail).


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  1. Lyndon Grieves
    Feb 09, 2016 @ 00:11:49

    Excellent Article! You should write more about this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sk sharma
    Oct 21, 2014 @ 19:30:44

    u have rightly stated in ur article that coercion is not the ultimate solution for unrest in the world. the article is inspiring. keep it up


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