Kiss of Love, Satyamev Jayate and the Moral Police

Kiss of Love fever gripping the young boys and girls and the accidently but aptly timed episode of Satyamev Jayate ( telecast on 9th Nov 14, depict the turbulence Indian social landscape is undergoing. It also depicts how all important pillars of Indian society, the young, men & women and the conservatives are torn apart on most common social issues.

For me The Young Boys and Girls include any one from a toddler to an 80 year old with flexible mindset and who welcomes change with ease. Satyamev Jayate (translates into ‘ Truth prevails’) stands up as youth icon, which has ability to tear apart the myths the male dominated society worships, and the moral police are all those narrow minded people who refuse to come in terms with the inevitable and real change the Indian society is undergoing.

I dwell upon all the three a bit more.

The Kiss of love fever started from Kochi in South India, with young boys and girls revolting against moral police. Moral police has for long been against boys and girls dating at public places, like parks and restaurants and at rare times ending up cosying a bit. Boys and girls at Kochi could not reach venue for public kissing marathon and thus could not defy the moral police, the state machinery was dead against it and deployed enough police that event never happened. The event caught enough attention of youth and they attempted it at many places across India, but just attempted could not succeed. Sadly, the government machinery plays the sick moral police.

News papers and the news channels gave enough attention to the events. It showed boys and girls locking lips, girls kissing girls and if couple could not muster enough courage to kiss in public they embraced each another. All achieving one thing, the defiance of moral police.

As I went through the newspaper this morning with pictures of youth in love embrace (participating in kiss of love), my 5 yr old daughter asked me who the young couples were and what for were they on the front page of news paper. “That they love each another they are on front page of news paper”, I told her. “Wow”, she shot back, “Me you and mom will be on news paper if we kiss each another on road side”, she cried, “may be” I mumbled. Not satisfied, she asked the same question to her mother, I and my wife could not explain to a 5 year old, why loving and expressing it was such a big deal.

Satyamev Jayate exposed another fault line; better half of society does not accept men as they behave in current social setup. At the opening of program Aamir Khan asked men to define what manhood meant to them and women unanimously rejected all the definitions. Indian male is living in his own world which women don’t like, we could not have had more unfortunate situation.

Remember Deepika Padukone saying “I have breasts you got a problem”. It saw millions in media and society standup for her. A challenge to male chauvinists, mind your business, else you deserve a kick on butt, and a barometer of changing social dimensions.

Misplaced enthusiasm standing on self proclaimed pedestal of righteous behavior by men in Indian society is one big impediment in progress of Indian society. Men and women live in two different worlds, which are galaxies apart.

The self styled righteous people are represented by stupid politicians and high male ego. This sick behavior can be attributed to the way society brought us up, and, at the same time we can’t forget education we had, should have erased this misconception of male chauvinism. It’s almost shameful to have the moral police around; they behave as if they never kissed their spouses and had babies through satellite assisted copulation. It’s almost as if they never embraced their own brothers & sisters, sons and daughters. Love is love why should it always have sexual overtures, moral police need to understand.

Kiss of love is happening and is here to stay. Many tongues will probe into the mouth of medieval mind set and it will be kicked out. And if we don’t do this we will continue producing breast hungry men.

And yes, my daughter will not need my permission to express her love as your son won’t need yours. To begin with she will be pecking my cheek along with my wife on the busiest square of city. Stop our kiss of love if you can.


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  1. sharatpathak
    Nov 12, 2014 @ 11:33:38

    thanks rakesh!!


  2. Rakesh Jamwal
    Nov 11, 2014 @ 12:50:55

    Good one !
    I agree with you.
    We need a Swach Bharat with swach minds.
    Jago Indians Jago !


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