Swachh Bharat through Gandhi’s Broken Glasses

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Campaign) has inspired masses to aspire for cleaner India. Mascot of campaign – famous round glasses of Mahatma. But this campaign needs to be seen through two different glasses of Mahatma, one broken and the other one impeccably clean. Launch of Swachh Bharat happened through the clean glass of Mahatma, PM Modi taking broom in hand and urging millions of Indians to join the campaign.

Many streets of national capital and many other cities suddenly stopped emitting pungent stink. No one was putting handkerchief or duppatta on his or her nose while crossing the streets piled with garbage of neighborhood.

People from across the party lines came out for the sake of cleaner India. People from all religions took brooms and cleaned the streets. Many used social media to run campaigns around their neighborhood. Afterall who doesnot like a cleaner neighborhood, for that matter society without pungent stink of rotting veggies. We suddenly realized, only we can help clean India, no government department alone can. We suddenly realized dropping that toffee wrapper and banana peel on road adds to this stink, our behavior towards the social hygiene of society changed.

The clean glass of mahatma holds a great promise; unfortunately we have a broken one as well. No matter how hard you try to see through this glass it gives you a blurred and overlapping image, nothing looks clean.

I will ensure, I don’t litter, I will put all garbage in municipality dustbin, I will. But what about the stray dog and that stray bull who search food in this bin and litter it again. And I have to dance through the dung and dog poop to reach this bin. What about the missing municipality van which has not shown up for weeks and this bin is stinking like hell and is overflowing. What about the dumping ground where the municipality does not treat the garbage but burns it down?

Best thing is, I need to plan when I poo and pee. We don’t have toilets for public use. Believe me planning pee and poo are not that difficult as well, Indian women have been doing it for long, it’s our turn boys, and you can’t shake it off anywhere. For people with young kids, lessons on controlling pee and poo for kids need to start early.

We have toilets at few public places, but, without water and soap. Next time you forget to plan pee and poo ensure you carry a water bottle along; this too we have been doing for long!!

Here’s much more to worry, your cigarette butt, used tissue and paper plate from paani poori stall and yeh, soda bottles and plastic cups from last night’s parking lot party.


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  1. Ram Pateriya
    Nov 28, 2014 @ 21:27:09

    Dear Sir

    Its too inspiring and and an innovative approach to overcome losses in order to get rid of Un-hygiene.

    Thanks a lot…


  2. anandkumarrs
    Nov 27, 2014 @ 12:18:17

    Good post.
    While on this please read my posts on Swachh Bharat -http://wp.me/p1dZc2-mD and http://wp.me/p1dZc2-n3
    Feedback most welcome. Thanks


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