Indelible Scars

Six month back my wife finished reading ‘The Siege: The Attack on the Taj’, a book on dastardly and inhumane 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. She highly recommended the book to me and being an avid reader I happily started reading it. As narrated by my wife it was supposed to be story of valor and courage of our soldiers and police, in 1st 20 pages it was not and I could not read the book beyond that. First 20 pages narrated the helplessness and vulnerability of society. Those who were supposed to help in such situation were ill equipped and could not help, and by the time they equipped themselves it was too late.

Hostage crisis in Australia highlighted the same. So has killing of children in Peshawar.

We are pained alike, be it 9/11, 26/11 Peshawar or Australia. Bullets kill sons of soil and make no distinction on the basis of religion, race or creed. And those firing such bullets indiscriminately draw pleasure from misery.

We see it daily in India, be it carnage of BSF jawans by Naxlites or 2 and 8 year old daughters lighting the pyre of a brave Major who martyred fighting militants in Kashmir. All that it leaves is a scar forever in minds of families of people who die. All that it leaves is emotional void and misery for the families left behind. All that it leaves is an economic void in the society. This happens on both sides, the side that kills and side that dies.

The agony for killings in Peshawar is so much that most of my friends did not watch news on the fateful day. The solidarity for Pakistan is so much that most of my friends on whats app and FB have a flame of candle as display picture.

Still, a million Dollar question is will Pakistan learn? And even if they learn, is it not too late?

Pakistani Generals will not stop tomtoming with terrorists. Stakes for them are too high and democratic leadership is too sheepish to tame both of them. Even if they do, it will take a lot before they achieve any tangible result. Economic ruin, social misery and illiteracy make a sumptuous and scrumptious recipe for Pakistani people to be attracted towards terrorism. Terrorism has quick fix for social misery. They relive hunger immediately and offer paradise in heavens if not on earth.

Terror thrives on economic ruin, social misery and illiteracy, and perpetually sustains it. We pray for our selfish interest, Pakistan gets out of this self sustaining cycle of destruction that too before it turns into sea of ruins.


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