I have stolen title ‘Animal Farm’ from an outstanding work by George Orwell. But stealing is limited only to the title. I am just narrating what happened last week when I took my daughter to a zoo.

The beautiful zoo welcomed us with a big pond and ducks quacking all around. “Wow!!” Exclaimed my daughter “what a big group of ducks.” “A group of ducks is known as a RAFT”, I told her. “Why so”, she pondered. “A raft is listless on the top, but activity happens beneath the water, which makes it move, just like ducks” I explained.

“Then you must be knowing the name for group of Geese which flew over our head last week and never stopped to talk to me and also the group of Emus the other day we saw at emu farm”, she queried.

“Like a group of most of the birds’ geese FLOCK together and emus are an MOB.” I told her.

“So crows and eagles too flock together.” She demanded. “No,” I said, “crows in a group are a MURDER and eagles always have a CONVENTION.”

A lone owl sat in its cage, and my daughter asked “why the owl is alone, does it not flock or have a convention.” It made me smile, “monsoon session of PARLIAMENT is still to happen thus all owls are away. They soon will be together” I told her as she giggled.

As we walked further we saw hundreds of caterpillars marching ahead, “this is an ARMY of caterpillars.” I told her even before she could ask. “I need to see ARMY of ants as well,” my daughter protested. “It’s a NEST of ants.” I corrected her. “Birds live in a nest.” She observed as we walked further.

A beehive on a tree caught her attention, “what would it be,” she wondered. “It’s a SWARM of bees but hornets’ NEST together like ants,” I told her.

Happily we move ahead.

She wondered if frogs will eat away the poor army of caterpillars. “It will require a COLONY of frogs to do so” I pointed out.

As we moved further we came across a BASK of crocodiles and a PRIDE of lions played in the enclosure. A TROOP of monkeys scared us a lot.

At a distance, we saw long necks of giraffes. “They look like the skyline of Gurgaon, full of tall buildings.” My daughter cried. “That’s why we call them a TOWER,” I told her. Zebras grazed nearby and it was a COHORT.

By this time my daughter was worried about the SCHOOL of fish, we have at home. So we decided to drive back.

While walking out of zoo she bid a bye to MEMORY of elephants and enjoyed seeing MISCHIEF of mice.

I have promised her a ride on CARAVAN of camels when we visit a desert.


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  1. Sharat Pathak
    Feb 19, 2016 @ 09:10:06

    thank you


  2. pratyu
    Feb 18, 2016 @ 16:46:35

    that was I informational with a lovely personal touch.. Never knew about the names of many groups of various animals and birds in here..

    Liked by 1 person

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