You Get What You Deserve

The Past week has been a week of grief, despair and triumph of justice for every citizen of India. We all witnessed a sudden death of the top scientist, former president and visionary -The death of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. We were also reminded that the hostile neighbour can cause repeated trivial irritations to us, but we are strong willed enough to mute them. Hanging of Yakub Memon, after he exhausted all available legal options showed the world how strong a democracy we are.

It appeared as if the God himself choreographed the moves, to teach a pertinent lesson to all of us. Two men who came from similar backgrounds of poverty were given similar opportunities and both met with different fates. The contrasting reactions which death of Dr APJ and hanging of Yakub Memon created, once again, showed how good and evil shall meet different destinies.

Society offered both the men almost similar challenges and similar opportunities, both grabbed them as well and then finally took two diverging paths to tread. One was Bhrarat Ratna and another arguably the most hated person. For APJ tears rolled down the cheeks of all countrymen while the death of Memon was rejoiced, cheered and celebrated.

Both had an affair with weapon systems. APJ carried missiles and rockets on his cycle and gave the nation reassurance that no one can afford a misadventure of breaching the integrity of country. Yakubs affinity lead him to conspire against the country, the motherland which spared its vital and scarce resources to educate him and make him an able citizen (he was a CA by qualification). Yakub could have chosen to serve the motherland and live a very successful life, but, he chose a path which lead him to spend prime of his life behind bars and finally sent him to gallows.

Life is fair and square, it gives you what you deserve, nothing less nothing more. You invest in the form of your actions and then reap befitting dividends. APJ did so, so did Yakub, so shall all of us. Life is small, everything comes back in a matter of time. Be careful with the kind of tomorrow you are creating for yourself.


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