Spiritual Degeneration and Religion- By Vivek Kapoor

Welcome yourself to the Modern World and Emerging Bharat of 21st century that is regressively moving to medieval and ancient ages when religious crusades were celebrated with gory victories and God was imposed with religions. Then, religion and class of a person decided the political and social well being and the majority ruled while the minorities were held hostage by the views of the majority class. Lets admit, we are no different now. We promote secularism but in the heart of hearts prefer to be quiet on matters of religious animosity.

Some say it is “jungle raj” but I differ because the beasts have a better conduct and human minds can’t match their innocence. The planet is so beautiful and means a universe to those who simply wish to enjoy and learn the lessons which we are here for. The irony is that we have a spiritually degenerating society with religious revolutionaries who are full of pride rather than humility. Those who are fighting do not even understand the meaning of those great holy texts which the Gurus and Prophets gave. Nobody is really bothered that eventually it is just the ether and the spirit of oneness that is there. Rather than preaching what is superior and who is superior and getting judgmental , I suggest that the “Religious Preachers” should take people to cremation grounds or graveyards to understand the real fact that what belongs to earth, stays on earth.

The vices which we need to detach with are loved foremost by majority and praise comes for those who are wealthy and prosperous rather than for those who are “spiritually” rich. The Faqir considers himself richest with as much less as he can enjoy from this world but loves the nature and the universe to which we all really belong but not in material or substance but as the spirit who has no religion but just goodness and love to follow. How I wish, I could see the change when people just talk of helping someone and loving all, rather than proclaiming that they did something to satiate the demand of a ritual and the goodness done is prejudiced with notions which are so manmade and earthly. Let us think beyond the colour, the skin and the beliefs. I believe one belief of love and affection towards all is sufficient to destroy the hate engines and evolution of mankind is based on welfare for everyone so that no blood is shed in the name of religion.

It is my sincere and humble appeal to all my countrymen to evolve spiritually and think independently as all of us are images of God who is love and love alone. Each one of us has an independent journey and religions are caravans which our souls have wished to join to learn about the truth and evolve to think beyond the horizon which we have not yet seen. Let us enjoy spirituality and love and bury the hatred which is brewing!


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