Story of Half Baked Sperms

A research says excessive exposure to gadgets can lead to male infertility. Reason being, the usage of gadgets and keeping them in pocket or using gadgets like laptop on lap can increase temperature around groin and kill sperms. While we get more and more exposed to gadgets the sperms have their own problems. As a guy slips his mobile into his trouser pocket what happens deep inside there is the core of this story.

The sperms have their own aspirations and genetic makeup, this makes them resemble many from the human world.

As the mobile lands in pocket the temperature begins to raise around scrotum.

DT sperm (Is influenced by persona of Donald Trump and aspires to be President of US) – what the hell, he has again slipped in his mobile. Idiot does not even understand it nearly bakes us.

GK sperm (Gen. Kayani sperm, wants to be Military Gen in Pakistan) – don’t worry scrotum will relax and descend further down, heat won’t be that much.

PA sperm (Having X chromosome wants to be Pamela Anderson) – It’s already relaxed, but can’t descend he is wearing a tight underwear.

VP sperm (Idolises Vladimir Putin) – Bloody idiot!! He will destroy my career here only.

Chorus (Group of sperms who are commoners) – Shit!! You idiots!! Stop it and do something, he has switched on his laptop on his thigh, and it’s getting unbearable. Let’s push the Scrotum, maybe we push scrotum away from heat and have some relief.

All agree to the only way out.

KK Sperm (Future Kim Kardashian)- I am not going for it I am already sweating and am tired of carrying my oversized breasts. I will be out of here at the first available opportunity.

DT- Bitch!! None of us got a chance to get out of here in last two months, I wonder what this guy is up to. He is celebrating celibacy or what?

PA- Wait a moment temperature is falling.

Chorus – He has removed mobile as well. Wow!!

All hear some splashes

GK- Thank God!! He perhaps is in bath tub.

KK- OMG!! He is with his girlfriend. I will be the first to get out of here. Don’t compete with me for the ovum.

Chorus- we won’t let it happen.

A stampede ensues as all want to take first row.

GK- Wait a moment nothing is happening, something is wrong.


GK- Guys he is dressing up again. We need to wait longer.

Girl and boy dress up again. Girl steps with her Stilettoes on guys foot reminding him how stiff she expected him to be. Bangs the door behind her as she leaves.

Frustrated boy leaves to find a solution to his problem, else his GF will abandon him. He locates a Khandaani Dawaa Khana (road side quack promising solution to almost all sex problems) with a punch line ‘Mayoos Hi Nahi Shoukeen Bhi Aajmayen’ (not only for dejected ones, ones seeking adventure can also try).

Hakim (Self-professed Ayurvedic doctor) gives him a potent weed, it acts within 15 minutes and impact lasts for 5 hours.

VP- Guys he has got a way out, he is humming and merry tune.

PA- OMG!! This time I will go for ovum.

VP – Forget it, it’s my turn. Every time anyone of you aspires for that nothing happens.

GK- wait a moment, what’s this commotion.

DT- (Rejoicing) guys it’s going to be a big ‘O’.

All rejoice at the good news.

KK- Pray he does not use that rubber sheath this time. All our cousins have landed up in dustbin always.

GK- Guys first chance for me and VP. He can’t wear it so quickly KK, we will get a chance this time.

KK- It’s a quickie on the kitchen table (Blushing and excited).

DT- Stop fighting, we are going out. Its survival of the fittest out there.

Before they realise they are out there.

Chorus- we are drowning. This is the problem with quickies. They stand up too quickly.

GK- (To DT and VP) – Mr. President, Stick to some ridge else we don’t stand a chance, I have found one.

VP – I too have found one. But don’t have strength to hold on, he has already half backed us with gadgets.

PA- I too have found one. Oh no!! She is wearing heels cant stick here for too long.

Chorus (From a distance) – All the best buddies, we are going out.

KK and PA also lose hold and slip out.

DT – General, I am too dehydrated because of heat. Won’t last long.

DT Slips, hits VP on head and both are out.

GK- Let me see if I can last this and get to ovum.

Another thud of heel on floor and GK is also out.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. arv!
    Apr 06, 2016 @ 21:25:19

    quite hilarious! nice read!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That Tiny Giant
    Mar 16, 2016 @ 15:07:03

    Hahahahhahaha! I’m dying.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nitin
    Feb 25, 2016 @ 20:08:03

    haha. Nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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