Manthan- The Holy Churning

Its a story from Hindu History, rather, its a story from history, as the time to which the story pertains no religion existed. We had only the followers of God.

The gods, owing their friction with the demons had lost their powers, vitality and peace. They were left drained, exhausted and had become mortals. They approached God himself who suggested them they should get into the process of churning of sea and will get immortalising Ambrosia from sea. The link to complete story is pasted you can read it there ( The drained and exhausted gods lured Demons into sharing effort of churning of sea and sharing of Ambrosia as well.


Importantly the churning process involved efforts from demons and the gods both. It involved the singular focus on the goal- The Ambrosia. It involved the serpent Vasuki who would act as rope in churning of sea, coiled around Mandar Parvat (Mandar Mount). Vasuki was held from one end by Demons and from another by gods.

Before Ambrosia could be extracted the sea produced many treasures and the Goddess of wealth Laxmi herself. Neither the Demons stopped to take any of treasures nor did gods, the focus was singular – Ambrosia. Just before Ambrosia could be churned out, Halahal(lethal poison) was produced. This poison had power to destroy entire universe, someone who could stand it, was needed to drink it. God of gods Mahadev happily consumed it and in turn his throat turned blue.

Manthan is nothing but its introspection. Manthan is nothing but its ability to withstand the lethal poison of criticism. Manthan is nothing but is ability to shun all kind of worldly treasures of attachment, pride, ego etc; Manthan is nothing but its singular focus on achieving oneness with God.

Mandar Parvat with Vasuki coiled on it represents the ruthless churning of time. Its perpetual. Demons are five senses and ten evil propensities of those senses. The innumerable treasures which are by-product of Manthan are the sense catalysts which tantalise senses and thus distract them from singular focus on Ambrosia. On the other end the gods represent faith and surrender in front of God, which has no sense satisfying desire.

Halahal represents criticism, ego hurting words and disheartening dissatisfaction of desires emanating from five senses.


Once you withstand the ruthless churning of time, have senses under your control and you can take the poison of criticism, treat success and failure both as same, you become Mahadev. Mahadev or Shiv (Shiv is a Sanskrit word meaning the one who always does good to others) loves nature, has a family and yet is aloof of all. Ambrosia is produced only after the poison has been ingested and digested. If at all its produced in our life time, we become immortals. Moving away from cycle of birth and death.


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  1. Lesa Rose
    May 26, 2016 @ 15:59:34

    Very informative. We are constantly being pulled by spirits. The question remains which will you allow to rule you.

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  2. ajaypoetry
    May 17, 2016 @ 19:57:54

    We are the ocean and churning is happening every day by angelic and demonic powers. Both trying to attract us to them. We have to resist both the temptations and move on making the balance between satva, rajas and tamogun. In order to get ambrosia the satva we have to make a balance between treasurer’s the rajas and the halahal the tamogun. But only Mahadev can survive the halahal as he has all the three gunas but is not affected by any. Jai bhole

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  3. Kamal Kothari
    May 16, 2016 @ 19:33:01

    nicely explained significance

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  4. Rajagopal
    May 16, 2016 @ 16:17:54

    Informative recap, Sharath, of samudra manthan and its significance.

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