Guest Column- Jimjams- By Vivek Kapoor

I read this word for the first time and trust me the tryst with this word happens daily, with all the realizations which I have. The word is the word for the day-“ jimjams”.

A lot goes into human journey based on so  much to be adopted, influenced with and finally leaving everything to nothingness. I have heard a lot of saints say that when they realize they go back to the basics again, to find the correctness and authenticity of what they explored, to realize again that realization was again just a spec in the entire gambit of universe known and unknown.

A shot here and a shot there, gloom and bliss get me to the jimjams of my routine with a  job so volatile, the markets too tumultuous and finally someone tells me it is just my perception.

Abhorring the idea of being so much like a human being, my superman attires corporatized into ambition and passion don’t yield me the benefits of just a life lived to be alive. Rockstar imaging, too much inundation of rights and wrongs, the divinity too lost its way when it tried to deal with my jimjams .

As inconclusive as the piece may seem, ponder over the facts and let the realization go back to their basics. I need not wonder what culminates but it’s worthiness proves that I continue to live and be alive!


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  1. BroadBlogs
    May 24, 2016 @ 22:48:29

    “jimjams” I like that word. It almost seems to lighten the load.


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