My Perspective Your Perspective

Everything happened as I wished. I was the master and everyone else followed my commands. What I said was final, no questions asked, the world was in perfect harmony. My face was flushed red with joy and power. It was an isonomy, till the time people agreed to my viewpoint. Only occasional tangling of utensils in kitchen and some incoherent noises from my daughters sport were annoyances to my otherwise perfect day dream. It was a Sunday noon and I had chosen to drown myself into a day dreaming session. And to dream with my perspective only.

Day dreams give you the advantage of having only your perspective rule the world, alas!! Only day dreams do so.

But, till the time you did not realise it was a day dream, you pursued the first paragraph with rather strange interest. The moment, realisation dawned upon you that it was a day dream, the entire equation changed. That’s what a perspective does.

Without perspective a thought loses its authority. But then there are many perspectives to a given thought, usually, equal to the number of people pondering upon an idea. My perspective makes me judgmental towards you till the time I don’t understand your perspective. Unlike Robert Frost’s, The Road Not Taken, where the traveler could not take two roads at the same time, perspectives give us an opportunity to walk down many perspectives and chose one of them or draw an entirely new one.


Understanding different perspectives is one way to convert our weaknesses to our strengths. Selfishness is an impediment to acquisition of new perspective while empathy is an enabler. Power kills the ability to understand a new perspective, humility germinates seeds of appreciation of different perspectives. Variety of ideas we accept, is measures of how much we appreciate different perspectives.  I-know-all attitude suffocates all perspectives, childlike inquisitiveness adds spice.

Show empathy with all humility to have variety of ideas and examine them all with childlike inquisitiveness to have a new perspective. Because, if it’s not new it’s regressive.

Did you have a new perspective on something today?



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