56 Inch Ka Seena

56 Inch Ka Seena is proverbial to bigheartedness, more to do with bravery displayed by using muscle power.

Well, the news had just poured in, India had gone behind the enemy lines to destroy terror launch pads deep inside the POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). Excitement quickly over took disbelief and in no time it broke into celebration.

Thumping my chest with my fist, I haughtily announced to my wife, “isse kehte hain 56 inch ka seena.” (that is what we call chest of 56 inches). While my wife was equally excited and shared the pride I took in the surgical strikes, yet, with lump in her throat, she pulled out a funny punch at me, “you weigh slightly more than 56 kgs, it’s ridiculous for you to talk about 56 inch ka seena.”

With bruised male ego I rushed to weighing machine and loudly announced I weighed 4 kgs more than the threshold. I pulled out measuring tape and measured my chest as well, it was miles behind the 56 inch mark, and I chose silence this time. I quickly downloaded few of Modi’s images and applied certain complex analytical tools and inferred he too had a chest which could not be called 56 inch ka seena

It was a sharp dagger which nudged me to think why at all we don’t have 56 inch ka seena. The answer was found deeply embedded in amphiboly, our political class, the intellectual class (self-professed) and the society which is deeply divided by political affiliations, religion, cast and creed practices.

We were written off as a soft state which did nothing to create threat perception for propagators of terrorism. Surgical strikes could have happened after the Parliament attack, 26/11 or Pathankot ( I predicted it on 25th Dec 15 and announced it through my FB post, attack happened on 2nd Jan 16, that’s how predictable Pakistan is).


But, we always coated our indecisiveness and lack of political grit with the sugar of benevolence. Indus treaty has been around for many decades now, and we know since the beginning that we can dry out Pak remaining within the framework of treaty. Yet all those years we did not create the infrastructure which could have hurt Pakistan. We have built no canals and no dams to create threat perception.

Pakistan to my opinion is a nevus, can only be treated surgically.

We are too democratic to be united and to perform much needed surgery, we allow likes of Aakar Patel to write in newspapers, we allow Salman Khans to spit poison, we extend royal facilities to separatists and we allow Pakistan to do trade with us, while we can easily manage this all to our advantage. But, we need 56 inch ka seena to perform this surgery. Thumping chest does not help the cause, work on ground needs to be done.


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