Not A Legal Tender

I was reading through a masterpiece by Rabindra Nath Tagore- Nationalism, that a tinkle on my phone informed me of a whtsapp message, a message informing me about a happening which world will talk for days or months to come, and my country will talk, may be for decades to come. It was from my cousin (a retired army man) urging me to switch on TV and watch news. It wasn’t a motivation for me to do so, I rarely watch TV, to dissuade me from watching TV was the sequences of events happening around me.

In last few days I have been reading a book on Bhagat Singh and Nationalism both, simultaneously. The books have been a great source of inspiration, The Gandhian thought, views of Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore and unique Revolutionary grit of Bhagat Singh coupled with the tense Line Of Control with Pakistan has left me wondering on how the nation was built and how our soldiers have been protecting it.

Coming Back to the Whatsapp message, it was followed by a phone call, bubbling with excitement and perhaps a pinch of uncertainty, for sure excitement made larger part of it. My cousin urged me to switch on the TV and watch PM Modi address the nation, I wondered if we were at war with Pak. By now the chats on whatsapp were talking of PM Modi only.

The current currency had been almost completely demonetised. The currency notes I held were no longer of any value. The banks and ATM would remain closed for next two days, we virtually had no money. My wife rushed to fetch her hand bag and my 7 yr old daughter rushed to fetch her Piggy bank. Wife was looking for Rs.100/ notes which were still a valid tender and my daughter was looking for how much of her wealth had become invalid. My wife had three Rs. 100/ notes and my daughter had two. That’s what we had for coming few days.  My wallet with nothing in cash but credit and debit cards gave me assurance, we will survive tough days ahead.

The Banks and ATMs opened up to long Qs. My wife has prodded me to visit a bank and get valid currency, I do go to bank, have a look at long Qs, and return back. Will have to do without cash for few more days.

The sufferings for me and likes of me are too small to be considered, sufferings for the worst sufferer too are small, I must say, but only when we juxtapose them with the thought and philosophy we inherit as the history of our great motherland. When we juxtapose them with the philosophy of NATIONALISM, when we juxtapose them with unshakable grit and commitment of Gandhi and Bhagat Singh, when we juxtapose it with what the inconvenience solider is facing at the border with Pakistan.

While contrasting the evolution of the values in India with those of west, Tagore brings out very emphatically the power of sacrifice, self-control and empathy for others over the great quest to achieve ability to build efficient organisations, which produce efficiently but wilfully squander the power of spiritually and morally evolved nation. The present day politicians who criticise the great move of demonetisation are falling in trap of greed for wealth and political power. They argue that the inconvenience caused to the people in unforgivable. I quote Tagore here-

“For greed of wealth and power can never have a limit, compromise of self-interest can never attain final spirit of reconciliation. They must go on breeding jealousy and suspicion to the end- the end which only comes through sudden catastrophe or a spiritual rebirth”.

I wonder if we had modern day politicians during our freedom struggle, would Bhagat Singh have gone to gallows singing joyfully. I wonder if such pack of politicians would have allowed Mahatama to give this world what he did. I think such opportunistic politicians are worse than the external adversaries, they are killing the spiritual and moral fiber of this great nation.

After throwing bombs in the parliament Bhagat Singh and his comrades made a statement, it follows

“We humbly claim to be no more than serious students of history and condition of our country and her aspirations. We despise hypocrisy”.

Bhagat Singh and his accomplices’ could have run away after throwing bombs, yet they surrendered, just to send a stronger message to masses, a message to be sent by going to gallows. And today we refuse the inconvenience of standing in a Q. It’s really sad. We belong to a country where inflicting misery on own self to send a strong message has been way of life for Mahatma and Bhagat Singh. We are a country in constant conflict with our neighbor for 3 decades and soldiers have been sacrificing lives for us. And we are becoming a country where for ulterior political motives we refuse to recognise all what has been done to build this great heritage of culture of- nation before self, word before nation, universe before the earth. We are country where the value system gives last place to family, when it comes to protecting interest universe, world and nation.

If this country had to become so intolerant to inconvenience, I wonder why at all we had the rich cultural heritage, why at all freedom fighters sacrificed lives for us and why at all the soldiers take inconvenience of protecting borders at -40 C temperatures.

Just ponder do the opportunistic politicians need intolerance from the collective national conscious.

I quote Tagore again-

“The real power is not in weapons themselves, but in the man who wields those weapons; and when he in his eagerness of power, multiplies weapons at the cost of his own soul, then it is he who is in even greater danger than his enemies”.




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  1. Manoj
    Nov 15, 2016 @ 17:36:19

    Its wonderful experience

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