Apologetic Kejriwaal

Like every evening I looked forward to have evening tea with my 30 IQ younger brother, Ugly-The-Fugly. His company is best stress buster and enlightening too. As I walked in he showed me apology letter from Arvind Kejriwaal, the chief minister of Delhi addressed to Ugly-The-Fugly himself. He hopped he danced and he whistled in joy, Kejriwaal has apologised to me he screamed. I looked at my wife perplexed and half smiling, she winked, signalling its rubbish as always.

As it turned out he had got a link on whatsApp, fill your name and you get a personalised apology letter from Kejriwaal. As I settled on sofa the news reader announced Kejriwaal had apologised to two more political rivals of his. He has brought himself to such a shame, I muttered as Ugly-The-Fugly settled next to me with his cup of tea. I knew today we will be talking on Kejriwaal and wasting no time Ugly-The-Fugly shot his first question at me.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Aren’t you happy a chief minister has apologised to me?

Me- I feel so proud Ugly.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Is it not fair for a person to go wrong.

Me – It is. Everyone goes wrong.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Then why so much noise about Kejriwaals apology. He went wrong, he realised and he apologised.

Me – He hasn’t realised he was wrong.


Ugly-The-Fugly – Then what are the apologies about? They say he is going to apologise to another man, at whom he hurled few abuses in the court room as well.

Me- He actually does not mean it. He is apologising as he realises he will go to jail if the court decides the cases. He is trying to reach an out of court settlement.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Then he must have embarrassed himself and his party in a big way. How would he face his family.

Me – That’s his problem Ugly.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Why did he say such things which had no substance. A man of sane mind would never do that.

Me – He wanted to project himself as a saintly politician.

Ugly-The-Fugly – But then his conduct should have been saintly.

Me – Hmmm.

Ugly-The-Fugly – This apology would shatter his image of saintly politician, if all it were there.

Me- It will.

Ugly-The-Fugly – I suppose he was trying to be saintly politician at cost of others.

Me – True.

Ugly-The-Fugly – Are such people not more dangerous for people and politics both, more than a typical politician.

Me – They are, one can’t be good because others are bad.

Ugly-The-Fugly snatched TV remote from me to tune in to a music channel. It played his favourite song chikni chameli……… he broke into dance once again holding the apology letter in hand.






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