The Incompetent Preceptor

While none wants to have an incompetent preceptor, yet, I believe, working under an incompetent preceptor can be a boon than bane. Learning never stops, so does your quest to seek teachers. Few are forced upon others are chosen. The chosen ones, more often than not, will be more competent than the one who chooses them. On the other hand, the forced ones are pure stroke of luck.

Our bosses are the ones forced upon us, they might be more knowledgeable than us, yet, as they say, redemption does not come from what one knows, it comes from what one becomes out of that knowledge. At times, greatness, responsibilities and dynamism are forced upon, even when one never has it.

I had a great fortune of working with an extremely incompetent preceptor. He wore at least four badges of having successfully closed down the companies or departments he had worked for. His reputation flew to us even before he did, a million dollar question was, how quick he will live up to his reputation. For the fifth time in a row he proved he was consistent, another badge got place on his shoulder. From knowledge to dynamism, responsibilities to onus of leadership, greatness to humility, enthusiasm to positivity and competence to wisdom, everything was forced upon him.

He could never teach me what to do well, he knew none, but, every action of his taught me what not to do if you want a happy team, committed employees, transparent process, customer centricity and much more. His biggest contribution to learning curve of all employees was – just don’t practice what he does, and you will have a great organisation, even in absence of your ability to positively contribute to organisation.

With due respect to him, let’s call him R, I list down seven of his great commandments below, with a warning, practice them and you are doomed. Also with a piece of advice, if you know nothing else, just avoid his 7 commandments and you will build a great organisation.

Commandment No 1 from R

My answer is no, now tell me your question:- You just being a spec of dirt cant have a good idea which organisation can implement. I am only source of good ideas. After all in Bhagwat Gita Lord Krishna told us the same, whatever there is, is Him.

Commandment No 2 from R

You are always wrong: – Discussion is not on merits for this, it’s a given precondition for engagement.

Commandment No 3 from R

Praise me even if you are writing an Obituary: – No matter what you are writing or discussing it has to have prelude which has composition of my praises.

Commandment No 4 from R

Diversity of views is treason: – Having any views which are not mine tantamount to treason. If you dedicate your views as mine, an outside chance of pardon does exist.

Commandment No 5 from R

Credit of success is mine and burden of failure yours: – If you succeed, sing a hymn in my praise, after all idea was mine. If you fail- it was your idea, and if I am too kind, you failed to implement the idea well.

Commandment No 6 from R

You smile and you are not serious: – Always carry a frowning and horrid look, smiles are not meant for office.

Commandment No 7 from R

Don’t talk to your colleagues: – No matter he sits right across you. Write a mail or call him on intercom, if you are talking to him, no doubts, you are gossiping about me.

While you read this, I have moved ahead in life and the preceptor has successfully put another company to rest. May its soul rest in peace.

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