The Hug & A Slap

You are no different than Navjot Sidhu, my 30 IQ younger brother Montu-the Moron (MTM) announced, as he served me black tea without sugar and a bowl of Gulabjamuns. Not even looking at him, partially hurt and half-heartedly I asked him for the reason of comparing me with Sidhu.

MTM – You are engaged in two diametrically opposite acts of having tea without sugar and eating bowl full of gulabjamuns, just like Sidhu, who is hugging an enemy supposedly engaged in masterminding 2020 referendum, exporting terrorism to our country and killing our jawans every other day and at the same time claiming he cares about country.

Hit hard, I dropped the last gulabjamun back in bowl and pushed cup of black tea into his hands.

Me – What do you think about Sidhus act of going to Pakistan and hugging the Pak army chief.

MTM – Think? Is there any need to think over it? He is free to hug any one he feels like. Mika too hugged Rakhi Sawant and almost swallowed her lips, you hand no opinion then.

Me – Rakhi Sawant and Mika were private citizens, Sidhu is not. He represents people.

MTM – That does not mean he surrenders his rights. Free will is his right. You and likes of you have merrily indulged in Sidhu bashing on every account, from who sat next to him to how Imran ignored him when he presented Imran with a shawl.

Me – There is something called probity, rights come next to it. Probity demanded, he conducted his self with extreme caution. At such ceremonies nothing happens by chance, everything is preplanned. He should have used maturity and political acumen to avoid embarrassing moments like sitting next to Masood Khan.

MTM – And the hug? Sidhu has already said it was an emotional reaction to an overwhelming news.

ME – If you can’t control your emotions and get overwhelmed at every news, you probably should denounce public life. How could he have forgotten the sons of soil who got killed by Pak army? I even doubt he represents people.

MTM – So like most, you feel that he is a traitor.

Me – Not representing people and being a traitor are two different things. For sure, it was grave insult to the sacrifices made by our soldiers. No nationalist should do it.

MTM – why so much of noise on Imran ignoring Sidhu? Sidhu claims he spent 40 minutes speaking to Imran on peace and other issues.

Me – It’s only what he claims. Did he speak about peace in backdrop of referendum 2020 or when Pak army was violating cease fire and pushing militants into our country? Its not for any random leader or citizen to broker peace with neighbour. There are processes and procedures for that. I believe Imran had already slapped Sidhu when he ignored Sidhu publicly and Sidhu returned the favour with a hug.

MTM – It’s only your biased presumption.

MTM walked out of discussion thumping his feet to convey his displeasure.

Me (raising my voice)– Keep in mind you moron, consistence without reason is virtue of fools.

MTM – I am already one just be cautious about yourself.

Me – Let me tell you, we are country of people with big hearts and intelligent brains, not all are born morons.

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  1. extinct0703
    Aug 22, 2018 @ 23:19:02

    Subtle yet so impact full 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paramjit S. Virk
    Aug 22, 2018 @ 13:55:26

    Poor Sidhu…. only if he knew he’d be stirring a hornet’s nest by acknowledging & accepting the invitation from across the border. “Well he should’ve..”, is the prevalent sentiment as it’s no less than treading a mine field when it comes to Indo-Pak relations.. you let that defence down & Whack comes the blow, you should keep that feet moving.
    But a confusion prevails or rather lurks on the question of probity & propriety… who is Sidhu ?? The public figure with amuck emotions or a random leader or… perhaps even a toothless citizen. Who is He.. because being either of the above two, the difference to the narrative could be stark.
    The way MTM started with the Sidhu jibe & then later sort of indulged in a half hearted defence I doubt he is a mere 30 IQ… he perhaps had his eye somewhere else, the Gulabjamun… which he quietly popped in his mouth & smilingly walked away… he is a Pathak after all not gullible enough to be carried away. :))

    Liked by 1 person

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