Leave Your Religion Home

धर्म -ग्रन्ध  सब  जला चुकी  है  जिसके  अंतर  की  ज्वाला

 मंदिर  मस्जिद  गिरजे  सब  को  तोड़  चूका  जो  मतवाला

  पंडित  मोमिन  पादरियों  के  फंदो  को  जो  काट  चूका

  कर  सकती  है  आज  उसी  का  स्वागत  मेरी  मधुशाला


They beat him to death as he supposedly had consumed meat of The Holy Cow. The houses were set on fire as their holy text was desecrated. A Fatwa issued to chop his head off for disrespecting Islam.

None knows how many times they worshiped the holy cow, none can tell if they ever read The Granth Sahib with clean mind. Even the Moulana who issued fatwa wondered what Islam was all about.


But my question is – Is your religion so weak that it can be insulted? If so, shun it now than later.

If your cow’s killing leads to blood bath lets find another mother. The udders of cow teach to feed selflessly.

If holiness of Granth Sahib is disrespected at its desecration, believe me we need obliterate some parts of this holy text as they teach us to love selflessly and sacrifice courageously.

Leave your religion home if it’s so fragile that any act which disagrees with it can’t be tolerated. Leave your religion home if Allah gets insulted by someone’s utterances. Leave your religion home of someone’s nude depiction of Goddess hurts you (you yourself depict her nude). Leave your religion home if you are hurt by one not covering his head while praying.

God is not your private property, I will respect him as much I wish to, and will make fun, criticize and fight with him as much as I wish.


Bharat Mata Ki Jai- Hail Mother India

Happy Navratri to all!! According to Hindu calendar the Navratri signifies the beginning of Hindu new year. Navratri translates to nine nights, Navratri is celebrated by worshiping Maa Shakti (Mother of universal power) in her nine different forms. Her forms cover the entire spectrum from being a Sage, Kind Mother and Ferocious Destroyer of evil. She creates, sustains and destroys the universe through the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.


Bharat Mata finds no mention in the Hindu history or scriptures. Chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai is an expression of patriotism in India. Also, it has been a centre of debate for past few weeks in India, some people have refused to chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai. This has ignited some heated debates in India.

My younger brother Montu-The-Moron (MTM) while out for morning walk with me had few curious questions, that’s what I reproduce below.

MTM- On which Navratri are we going to worship Bharat Mata.

Me- None, Bharat Mata is not worshiped in Navratri.

MTM- if we don’t worship her why this controversy about chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Me- It’s patriotic to chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Every Indian should do that.

MTM- The one who does not chant it is not a patriot, is it?

I am taken aback, it took few seconds to recompose myself.

Me- Maybe….. Hmmm, not really, it’s good to chant it, as much as it’s good to say Jai Hind( May the victory belong to India).

MTM- you haven’t answered my question.

Me- No, one can be a patriot even if he does not chant it. But not chanting it definitely means you are dis-respecting the country.

MTM- I have never seen anyone chant Mata Pita ki Jai (hail mother and father) in our family, does it mean we don’t respect our parents.

Me- Montu you are a moron, mind it. Be quiet and keep walking.


MTM- How does Bharat Mata look like?

Me- She looks much like Maa Shakti, mounted on a Lion with Indian flag in her hand.


MTM- We are a secular country, why Bharat Mata should look like Hindu Goddess? Constitution allows Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Jains etc. all to carry out own faiths.

Me- May be we can allow people not to chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

MTM- Where does one get a certificate of patriotism? Is it some university that gives it? May be JNU. I need one, else they will say MTM is not a patriot.

Me- No MTM there is nothing like a certificate of patriotism. You don’t even need to prove to anyone that you are a patriot.

MTM- Then why people on TV channels scream you must say Bharat Mata ki Jai if you are a patriot.

Me-It’s only on TV MTM. Only politicians do it, none else.

We reached home back from the walk. MTM had taught me a lesson or two. Still, MTM remains a Moron.





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