She Won’t Regret What She Said, But What She Did Not Do

Gurmehar Kaur took the country by storm with her video. The dichotomy again came into fore with her video, dichotomy, which is basic principle of our existence. Good and bad, light and dark, fair and tyrant and so on we are dichotomous. Then why much ado about nothing.

For sure Gurmehar chose a topic and a medium to express herself on that topic, which without doubt would have shot her to fame (eye of storm).

She, for sure deserves compassion first than criticism. Compassion in the way we interpret what she said. It’s a fair chance what she meant was not what we interpreted. Given this assumption we can simply arrive at a conclusion that she just advocated for peace between India and Pak.

The freedom of speech does entitle her to express her opinion on any topic she deems fit. But freedom alone is not a virtue, with it comes responsibility, and with it also comes the onus of being aware of the social environment.  If my freedom of speech triggers the slogans of ‘Aazadi’ in campus where we expect people will be groomed to build the nation, I should sacrifice my freedom of expression. If my freedom allows political leaders to redefine slogans of Aazadi in such manner that they become legitimate, I should sacrifice my freedom. That sacrifice will certainly be much smaller than the sacrifice which Gurmehar’s father made. Because of people like her father we have all the freedoms we have.

But the story for me and you nearly ends here, we will move ahead. Some of us will call her names, others will shout slogans of Aazadi yet another group will empathise with her and many will use it as catapult to make political gains. Debates and discussions will certainly define the social discourse on such topic in future.

But for Gurmehar, it will have long lasting impact. She may or may not take pride in what she said, but what she did not do as a follow up to her video will certainly haunt her for long. In her hindsight she won’t take pride in running away. She certainly will have difficult times convincing herself that it was fine not to stand up for herself. She abandoned herself, it will turn out to be more painful than the pain inflicted by trolls.


A Letter to The Lordship

My younger brother Montu- The- Moron (MTM) was visibly pained with the happenings all around the country in last few days. He could not hold himself back and wrote the following letter to the Chief Justice of India. As MTM has very low IQ, whatever he has written may not make sense to all. I reproduce below what he wrote.


Past few days have been days of immense pain, agony and frustration for the country men. We saw anti-national slogans being raised at JNU, we saw Jat agitation seeking reservation and also we saw a fierce encounter in Jammu and Kashmir where 5 of our brave hearts got martyred.

Lordship, the politicians are too busy doing politics, stalling parliament and holding back progress of our country. I did not find it appropriate to disturb the politicians with a letter, thus this one is addressed to you, after all you share a posh neighbourhood with them at Lutyens Delhi. I wish to discuss the said happenings one by one, hope your patience won’t wane out.

I start with JNU, as this seems to have caught your attention. Lordship, The video tapes of slogan raising have been circulated by media and Whatsapp. Watching that made my anger shoot up, I hope same would have happened to you too as a citizen of India. I too got to know about the beating of Kanahiya by lawyers, the president of student’s council of JNU, when he was being produced in court on sedition charges. I was perplexed by reaction of Supreme Court on it. Lordships were prompt enough to send notice to advocates charged with beating Kanahiya. Lordship, thousands get beaten on Indian streets daily, many are lynched, fairly good number of such acts happen in courts across India, you never took notice of that. Lordship, Kanahiya faces sedition charges others are innocent, still I leave it to your wisdom.

Lordship, we had a huge hue and cry from sects of people who opposed the move of hoisting the tricolour at university campuses. Why any Indian should have any reservation to that. Lordship, I am reminded of a Sanskrit inscription surrounding emblem of my university, It read Shastre Shaastre Ch Kaushalam ( Mastery in both, weapons and knowledge) I took immense pride in it, but today, in hindsight, I think such education system is responsible for JNU and resistance to hoisting national flag at university campuses. Lordship, A very important role of a teacher is to inculcate the spirit of patriotism and nationalism in students (my university never did), which the national flag at educational institute will remind teachers off.

Lordship, The Jat andolan was not about reservation, it was attempt to destroy the non-Jats. I know your neighbours might have shared it with you. You too might have seen reports of women being raped during this, that too when cops were meek onlookers. The DIG asked for proof from media about rapes. Lordship, this is more heinous than what happened to Kanahiya. Send a notice to them as well.

Which community begs to become backward, none, such attempt to get reservation tells us how regressive our policies are. We should do away with reservation.

Lordship, I come from lower-middle-class family, I appeared in admission test for MBBS and scored well. Still I could not become doctor due to the policy of reservation. One scoring 40 marks less than me was given admission because he was a scheduled cast and qualified for reservation (he was a son of a very affluent Govt. official). Lordship that was the day when I for the first time cursed myself for being a Brahmin.

Lordship, prayer is that help us do away with reservations, charge me extra tax for not being SC, ST and OBC, and use this money to educate them, but give my child an equal opportunity. I am sure in your wisdom you will have a way out for this.

Lordship, the last one, encounter at Jammu & Kashmir. As the encounter happened the mosque adjoining to the encounter site encouraged the terrorist to fight against the forces. I hope you read it too. Lordship, what kind of freedom of expression is this? They too deserve a notice from you. Also, Lordship, the politicians who made a beeline to JNU were not seen at the cremation ceremony of any of the martyrs.

I rest my argument Lordship, I leave rest to your wisdom, I am a moron they tell me.


Ps- you can read more works of Montu the Moron by searching for word Montu on my blog.




JNU- The Ugly Face of Democracy

Indian democracy is the largest democracy in the world and perhaps it’s one of the most liberal ones. Our constitution guarantees us fundamental rights. Beyond the fundamental rights, we as citizens of India enjoy many liberties which the constitution does not lay out for us. They are there in the name of generosity of the democratic procedures and liberal interpretation of law. These liberal and generous practices have raised many questions on whether we have made progress and lived united despite the democracy or due to the democracy we have.

What has happened at JNU campus has not happened for the first time. It happens in Jammu and Kashmir very frequently. Antinational slogans being raise in full public view is something JNU is not new to. The difference, this time is that this time it has been shown to the country, thanks to technology, the videos (of anti-India protests) were shot and circulated.

Afzal Guru whom the sect of JNU students was trying to celebrate was a traitor and was hanged for raging war against the country.

Which country in world allows this? None. Which country in world would allow you to shout slogans suggesting desecration of that country? None again.

Unfortunately ours does. Unfortunately the principal opposition parties support such acts in our country, just in name of right of expression, which by constitution is not absolute.

I am reminded of Tiananmen Square. Students were butchered just for demanding change in the way they are governed. In contrast in India we have just arrested a few antinational who want to divide country into pieces, and opposition parties are all out against the government. It was the time when they should have stood by the government. They did not.

Watching news debates is a sickening experience. The vitriolic arguments given by those defending JNU protests are just unbearable. The anger they display against the advocates of Patiala House court is even more incomprehensible. If handful of JNU students have right of expression to express anti national agenda, then, the advocates at Patiala House Court have right to express their nationalism.

Do express how you feel. It’s time to take all possible means to tell antinationals and political ideology supporting them that we won’t take this crap.


Posting below a poem by wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt. it might stir some more emotions in you.

जिस देश में तुमने जनम लिया उसको दुश्मन बतलाते हो!

भाषा की कैसी आज़ादी जो तुम भारत माँ का अपमान करो,

अभिव्यक्ति का ये कैसा रूप जो तुम देश की इज़्ज़त नीलाम करो!

अफज़ल को अगर शहीद कहते हो तो हनुमनथप्पा क्या कहलायेगा,

कोई इनके रहनुमाओं का मज़हब मुझको बतलायेगा!

अपनी माँ से जंग करके ये कैसी सत्ता पाओगे,

जिस देश के तुम गुण गाते हो, वहाँ बस काफिर कहलाओगे!

हम तो अफज़ल मारेंगे तुम अफज़ल फिर से पैदा कर लेना,

तुम जैसे नपुंसको पे भारी पड़ेगी ये भारत सेना!

तुम ललकारो और हम न आये ऐसे बुरे हालात नहीं

भारत को बर्बाद करो इतनी भी तुम्हारी औकात नहीं!

कलम पकड़ने वाले हाथों को बंदूक उठाना ना पड़ जाए,

अफज़ल के लिए लड़ने वाले कहीं हमारे हाथो न मर जाये!

भगत सिंह और आज़ाद की इस देश में कमी नहीं,

बस इक इंक़लाब होना चाहिए,

इस देश को बर्बाद करने वाली हर आवाज दबनी चाहिए!

ये देश तुम्हारा है ये देश हमारा है, हम सब इसका सम्मान करें,

जिस मिट्टी पे हैं जनम लिया उसपे हम अभिमान करें! जय हिंद ।

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