Relationships Without Expectations

Fortunately, no covenant is entered while human relations take shape. Pure chance, act of destiny, a casual smile or a reluctant handshake or other acts like these lay foundation of long lasting human relationships.

Unfortunately, a few relationships are forged based on covenants entered, covenants of material consideration, such relationships are anything but for sure are far from happy and comfortable. We enter employer employee relationships, they have consideration, and they are stressful. Marriages for considerations of dowry end up in marital discords.

Unfortunately yet again, relations become sour over a period of time, thanx to our expectations. We expect people to act in ways convenient to us, while they are driven by free will and will act as they should, after all that was basis of relationship.

Expectations never move around alone, they come with an unforgiving companion, frustration. Frustrations come with self-inflicted misery for which none other than ourselves is responsible, because expectation begins with a capital ‘I’ and so does frustration, it too begins with our self-centred ego. The moment we start expecting we start downplaying, and then insulting other persons individuality.

A mother and kid relation, a relation between two siblings, a relation between two friends remains happy and strong till the time either of them expects nothing from other. The moment phrases like ‘I expected you…’, or ‘I thought you would’ or ‘you should have’ enter our relationships they become sour.

Why would a person bound by free will do as you expected him to do, no sane reason exists. If you though someone will act in a given way, it was your thought not his.

Don’t demand from a relationship, let it be free, if it has something for you it will come to you and if it has nothing let it go, without regrets. Holding on too fast to a relationship is like searching water in desert, the mirage keeps eluding you and you never return happy.

In a relationship, give I must and expect I must not.

What about having it as a new year resolution.


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