Hi Sexy!!

Sexy, sexy, sexy mujhe log bolen (people call me sexy) was the number which became a super hit while I was in my teens. Within days of its release the producer and director were asked to change the lyrics to baby, baby, baby mujhe log bolen. Yet this song laid foundation of bringing word sexy to living rooms in India, where sex and sexuality are the last things you discuss in open, and that goes till the time I am penning it down.

It was in my 20’s that I looked for the exact meaning of this word in a hard cover English dictionary and it read




Sexually attractive or exciting.

Synonyms read

Sexually attractive, seductive, desirable, alluring, inviting, sensual, sultry, slinky, provocative, tempting, tantalizing.

Surely, for the way my bringing up happened, I never found this word suitable enough to be used in daily life. In past five years I have seen a gradual increase in use of this word, especially on the social media, mostly used when someone of fairer sex looks beautiful. We have strong unwritten rules to use this word. It’s strictly woman to woman. Let a male friend use this word for a woman and he will be blocked at the least. If he were a colleague a case of sexual harassment would surely come his way. If he were family friends, the ties, gone for ever.

So what’s so sexy about the word sexy, or what’s not so sexy about the word sexy. I had never bothered about it, while I always found the use of this word a bit weird when used to describe someone looking beautiful as sexy. Beautiful isn’t sexy, and sexy, most of the times won’t be beautiful.

Why would someone try and look sexy, inviting lustful eyes. One would like to look beautiful, graceful, intelligent, authoritative, etc. but not sexy.

The other day, my 8 yrs old daughter on returning from school asked me why was sexy a bad word. She explained she had caught this word from a song on television and along with few friends she had sung it front of the teacher. Teacher telling them it was a bad word.

It was for the first time when I was forced into think on this word seriously. Only few seconds at hand and I had to answer. While I was thinking another question followed, what does sexy mean?

Well darling you are too young to understand the meaning, but yes, it’s not too good a word and you can always avoid using this. I somehow wriggled out. But yes, my thoughts on sexiness of the word sexy had undergone a paradigm shift, just in few seconds.

My classmate recently sent a message describing word sexy on a whatsApp group. Her message created an uncomfortable silence in the group. She had explained sexy was powerful, beautiful, intelligent, illuminated, graceful, dignified, wise and so on.

Why use such a negative word to describe such positive traits?


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