May I Submit Lordship

May I submit lordship, in capacity of a private citizen and a party against your order to create VIP lanes at all toll plazas.

“It is disheartening to note that the vehicles of VIPs and sitting Judges are stopped at toll plazas… It is very unfortunate that sitting judges are also compelled to wait in the toll plaza for 10 to 15 minutes.”- Madras HC


It indeed is disheartening that you and many ‘self-assumed VIPs’ have to wait at a toll plaza for 15 minutes and my submission is, it’s equally disheartening that I and any ‘not so important person’ like  me too has to wait at a toll plaza. Lordship, my understanding of constitution of India tells me that there should be no VIP. It’s only the feudal mind set and intoxicated sense of entitlement which created VIPs in this country. You being, as they say, ‘Nyay Murti’, should have been the last person to stand for privileged treatment which without doubt emanates from sense of entitlement.

Lordship, you only have to produce your ID card and prove your identity at toll plaza when you as VIP don’t have to pay toll. Important question is why a learned person like a sitting judge or a mantri should not pay toll. Its petty amount lordship and it won’t matter to you and other VIPs. In the same breath, lordship, I wish to inform you that I take pride in proving my identity whenever I am asked to do so, it’s my duty.

Also lordship a pertinent question is, who made you a ‘VIP’? The society who paid for your education? Or the society which pays taxes and you draw salaries? There is no objective criterion to establish that your contribution to society is more than any other commoner like me. Rather, there is enough evidence to suggest that there are many nondescript people who have made such contributions to society that have impacted the society more than yours and mine contributions have.

Lordship, one sitting on pedestal of power should display utmost humility. Only then can he contribute to society constructively. Be it of power, lust, love, entitlement, anger or any other intoxication, it makes a man unworthy of constructive social existence.

Hope next order is not of contempt proceedings against me but it’s about reducing waiting time for everyone at toll plazas.

I rest my argument Lordship.

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